Happy Friday!

Oh wait. That’s just me 😛

I have the next two days off from my Day Job this week. You’d think this would mean that I could get a lot of writing done. WRONG!

Thursday is going to be spent tearing my home office apart. I’ve already sold the spare bed in there and once we empty out and clean up the roll-top desk we got from my father-in-law that’s going up for sale as well. I also sold the giant picture of Picadilly Circus from Ikea. I have materials from when I taught English as a Second Language almost a year ago that are taking up space. We have a run in the closet in the office that is full of hangers I don’t even want. There are boxes and stray bags hanging around and my filing cabinet is a mess. All of this is going to get organized and tidied. We want to purchase a new sofa bed and a new corner desk. There will also be a bookshelf that will be built to accommodate our extra books and my growing library of manga. The bookshelf probably won’t come into existence until the summer, and that’s okay.

The office was always my ‘zone’. It’s where I would write, practice my Japanese lessons on Rosetta Stone and just generally chill out. When I was taking courses it was a safe, quite space to do course work and study. Now that my husband is in college he could benefit from a space to hunker down and do some work. My eldest stores his regular sized Lego in there because the youngest is too small to be around it.

It will take some work and because of delayed funds we can’t purchase our pieces of furniture or even paint the damn thing, but it will at least get started. I’m tired of it being a catch-all room because it’s catching nothing aside from a severe case of “Piss Mum off”.

I’ll probably post pictures so you guys can witness the amazing transformation! I’m also that much of a nerd. And you will love it.

For now, have a good week! Today is my Friday and I’m going to pretend to do work until the day is done 😉


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