Happy Friday!

It’s that glorious day of the week; Friday. The day where you rush to finish your deadlines at work and where you dream of the weekend that awaits you. That is, of course, unless you work shift work or happen to work on the weekends anyway.

If you don’t work on the weekends then you are probably just as happy as I am that today is Friday. The last few days have been a bit strained for me in my personal life. I’ve had people coming out of the woodwork to inflict their emotional and verbal abuse on me, only to try and kiss and make up. It doesn’t work that way with me.

There has been good news though! My cousin is getting excited for her baby that is due on January/February. She said she’s having another boy and I believe her sons will be as far apart in age as mine. I wish her all the best.

With the holiday season it’s hard not to think of family. For myself, my biological family (aside from my sons) are all in Ontario or New Brunswick. If you don’t know how big Canada is, that’s pretty far. I live in Manitoba which is next door to Ontario, but if I were to drive from my house to where my cousin lives, it would take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on the route I took. To get to New Brunswick by car would take about a week. Again, that depends on the route.

While I feel a little lonely at this time of year every year, I’m very grateful for my in-laws. Since my husband and I have been together we’ve spent Christmas with them. His family is also small, but it’s comfortable. With his sister coming from England this year we’ve got to move around some sleeping arrangements so that we can have everyone at our house. That’s all right though. All the stockings have been hung (aside from the dog. Poor thing) and we’re ready.

Now that my eldest is older and showing more interest in the holidays I’m really interested in seeing his reaction on Christmas. I have to remember to keep aside a present to be from Santa. Not sure who I will get to write the tag. He’s not old enough to recognize my writing yet. I still want to instill that wonder when it comes to the holidays. I want him to believe in Santa and I want him to be excited.


My in-laws are taking him tonight which will be fun for him and equally fun for me. Since my husband and my youngest will be home maybe they will come grocery shopping with me tomorrow morning. Saturday is my grocery shopping day. Once a week! That’s it!

Happy Friday to you, my friends, and I hope that you enjoy your weekend!

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