I hate this commercial

It’s not generally my style to write a commentary piece, but every time I see this commercial it drives me insane.

COME ON! Who makes a commercial that spouts such lines as:

“He could be the one….now you just need to get him to say hello.”

Because, world be damned, the WOMAN actually goes and says hello to the man ON HER OWN. Because, heaven forbid, someone who doesn’t have blindingly white teeth approach a person they find attractive.

I’m all for having nice white teeth. I don’t overly whiten mine but I have been using a toothpaste that’s supposed to help since I drink a lot of tea. BUT. I AM THE ONE who approached the man who is my husband and loving father to my children ON MY OWN without waiting for him to talk to me. I saw him, thought he was super cute, and decided the worst that would happen would be that he wanted nothing to do with me.

This commercial seems to perpetuate the stereotype that women can’t be the ‘chasers’ in a relationship and that they must sit there, looking as pretty a society says they should, and waiting for a MAN to come and talk to them.


Did we go back in time without my knowing it? I didn’t know that women weren’t allowed to talk to men on their own.

I hope I never have a daughter. Growing up with the pressure from society to ‘act this way’ or ‘look this way’ can sometimes be too much for us women. Why? Because society places unrealistic expectations on young women (and young men too) about how they should look and act. Even older women.

I only recently starting seeing commercials on tv for Penningtons, a plus-sized women’s store. I was so excited the first time I saw it because it’s about goddamn time we started celebrating a woman’s curves. And the models are dead sexy. There’s even a commercial of them in their underwear! And WHY NOT??

If I can be honest here for a second, I have always been jealous of bigger women because the ones I have known have always been beautiful and displaying a kind of confidence I have never been able to muster up. Growing up I was always the skinniest of my friends and maybe some of them hated me for that. I don’t know. We didn’t talk about that. I would always ask them for clothing and makeup advice because they just always seemed to know what to do when I was floundering in a world I had never known.

But this is enough ranting. I really went off on this one.

To keep the rant short, I hate the Crest 3D commercial. It should be taken off the air. It objectifies women and it objectifies men. It makes men seem so shallow that unless a woman is drowning in what is socially acceptable for beauty he won’t talk to her. It makes women seem timid and weak and that they can’t even approach a man they find attractive on their own.


Posted by Sarah Jayne

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