I Swear I'll Stay Home….Tomorrow

I’ve been a bit busy this week! I had my work Christmas party on Tuesday, had an appointment Wednesday night, went out last night with a friend to see a live band, and tonight I’ll be stopping over for a bit at a friend’s house! Wow. I swear I’ll stay home….tomorrow. This also feels like the last week I get to have a social life for some reason. I think I’ll be okay next week.

My eldest is soooo done with school this week. He told me today that he doesn’t like school and didn’t want to get dressed. He ended up begrudgingly  getting dressed so that’s good. He’s been a bit wired/crazy  the last little bit. This break will be good for him.

Today is the last day of my husband’s exams. He’s pretty happy about that. I’m pretty happy about that. He’s off work next week and has been talking about going to see the new Star Wars movie with his family. His sister is over from England this year and I’m pretty sure they already decided on the 22nd. Not 100% sure on that yet though. She should have landed yesterday.

The weather here is terrible. It’s freaking cold. This morning it was -18° but it feels like -29° with the windchill. Damn cold.

The week after Christmas my husband is going to a local hockey game with some friends. I’m excited for him for this because he needs to get out of the house every now and then. It’ll be good for him. And it will force me to stay home! Hahahaha!

I will probably work on my next short sometime today. I’m kind of tired at the moment, so I’ll need to wait until I wake up a bit more. My tea is here, it’s ready. Just not fully consumed  yet.

Also, my body hurts a bit from kickboxing last night. It’s going to be a good day hahaha!


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