It'll End…Right?

Oh man. Do things ever get worse before they get better.

After all  that BS with the cheque and finally getting it reissued, my husband goes to his investment appointment to find out the bank here, in our town. had the cheque since last week but didn’t call or anything. Didn’t notify us. That money could be in our account right now but because of the worst customer service I have ever witnessed we have to wait. We were notified the replacement cheque was mailed out today.


Seriously. The annoyance is high with this one.

If we had just waited. If the stupid bank in Edmonton had just put a note in his file indicating they had received the cheque and had forwarded it off to our branch here. If the guy who had been sitting on it since last week had just told us he had it.


The world is made up of ifs. I don’t want to spend my time wallowing in my pity party. I write it here to get it out and release it.

The lesson to be learned here? Patience. Thorough investigations. The time for release is now. There is no one to blame. It was a serious of unfortunate events and poor management on several levels. Now we know. Now the reissued cheque is being mailed to the Edmonton branch. Now the bank has a note on his file. Now they have also been verbally notified and placed on essentially high alert. We must be patient and we must wait.

Let go buddha

There are a lot of things to let go of now. Let’s breathe and take that step forward.

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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