Kids are Hilarious

So, someone, somewhere, showed my eldest the “What Does the Fox Say” video (you’re welcome for that ear-bug). If you don’t know what I’m referring to, click here at your own risk.

Because he knows this song, my eldest likes to do his own renditions. The other morning in the car he was singing “What does the Cookie Monster say?” to which my husband and I replied “Om nom nom nom nom nom nom” in unison. He got a good laugh out of that so he continued singing.

Then he sings: “What does the fox say?” to which we both reply: “Ring-ding-ding-di-ding-di-ding”.

Son: No no no! That’s not what I said!

Us: Oh? What was it supposed to be?

Son: What does the fart say!!!

Us: silence

Youngest Son: Pthhhhhhhhhh

Everyone: Laughter

For the rest of the ride to school, my eldest would sing “What does the fart say?” and the youngest would respond with fart noises.

It’s been clearly cemented that indeed, boys love fart jokes.

I enjoy when the kids get a long. Siblings will have issues getting along, of course, so when they are happy and playing together it makes me happy.

I’ll leave that little nugget with you and hope you have a great day 😉

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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