Kids These Days

So while I date myself with a title like that, kids these days are good too. This isn’t a post complaining about kids.

I trial-ran a babysitter on Sunday. I had an exercise class I like to attend and my husband was at his part-time job. So, I thought, this is as good a time as any. The girl is 16 and is the daughter of my dayhome lady. So she knows both my boys and is quite experienced with children. It was only for 2 hours so what could happen, right?

Nothing bad happened at all! The downsides to this girl are simply the fact that she doesn’t drive yet. I had to pick  her up and drop her off which meant packing the kids in the car for a 5 minute drive. The only other downside was the cost. I told  her I needed her from 10am until 12pm. The class is generally 10:30-11:30 but time for her to settle, see where everything is, for me to go and come back without rushing. The cost: $20. I feel like when I was a kid I would have been paid $5-$10 for that time frame.

It was great though, to be able to get out and not worry about the kids. But it’s expensive. My client hasn’t paid me for 2 weeks worth of work, which is a risk every freelancer takes, so I’m short on any type of extra funds. it just brought into light how my husband and I don’t hire a babysitter and go out because we simply can’t afford it right now.

I do have a friend who has offered to watch my boys for me. She has an almost 3 year old herself and I worked with her. I do like her, but I feel guilty when people offer. I will take her up on it though. I have told her when she buys her house (she’s looking right now) that I will help her paint and any other DIY stuff she wants to do. My husband and I DIYed our kitchen so I have some experience. She has family to watch her son if she needs it so she didn’t need that kind of trade-off.

The important fact is that we trialed a babysitter and I liked her. I also have my back-up daycare girl to talk to but she is currently a full-time student and has a son. I don’t want to take her away from her little boy at all so I’ve asked her to keep an ear out for anyone she knows who does babysitting that she would recommend. She’s taking the Early Childhood Education program at the local college so her classmates should have proper skills. Should.

The reality is that we need to have this service. We need to figure out our budget and where we’d possibly get the money from. I do have to leave town for work more frequently than I expected and it’s the reality that my husband works part time. He will be working evenings and weekends. We can’t avoid that.

At least this is a step in the right direction!

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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