Lay Your Hands On Me – Boom Boom Satellites

Lay your hands on me while I’m bleeding dry

Break on through blue skies, I’ll take you higher

Caught up in circles

All dreams and bright lights

Wait I’m here always, brighter than sunshine.

I fly

Fly out

Fly out to your heart

Fly out

Fly out

Lay your hands on me

Stay close by my side

Drive me so crazy, moonlight and star shine

Faded into the setting sun

I’ll see you again, I’ll carry on

Feeling like I’m floating leaves in the fleeting sky

You can sing that song

Let it go

Move on

Let’s go way out

Spaced out

Spaced out

Lay your hands on me, stay close to my eyes

Drive me so crazy; wake up in your arms


Discover some new music, my friends. Enjoy Boom Boom Satellites and this adorable little girl.

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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