Living in My Office

So I am currently living in my office with my husband while our basement bedroom gets treated for mould.

You would think this would be great for my writing, but it’s not. The office/spare room was already a disaster with unpacked boxes of books and electronics shoved in the corner. Papers are piled on the desk and the printer. It’s utter maddness.

Now that we’re so cramped in that space I almost loathe laying eyes on office-related furniture. It’s rather depressing.

The remediation company should be coming by the end of next week to start and finish the removal and treatment. We’ll need to reinsulate and vapour barrier before we can move back in. This is also hoping the leak is caused by an improperly closed fireplace and not foundation issues. We’re not made of money!

If all goes well I can also buy this really nice filing cabinet I found online with Staples and some bookshelves to finish tidying up the place.

I start my new job Sept 2, I start teaching ESL again on the 6th and I also start my first course for HR on the 4th……

If I manage to live through that, keep
your eyes peeled for a new short the following weekend! It will be called “Project: Ghost” and will give an indepth backstory to one of the leads in TAK.

Thanks for being patient and sticking with me!

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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