My Rage Boils Over

There’s nothing like getting a phone call at 4 pm on a work day that ends at 4:30 from the program area FREAKING OUT because they suddenly think we need to recruit the hell out of a program because ONE STUDENT withdrew their application.

This, of course, puts more work on my shoulders. This morning I rolled in to work at 7:25 thanks to traffic being light. I immediately went over the list for the students from the affected program to make sure we were okay or if I should start contacting students on the wait-list.

First thing this morning, I am irritated to all hell.

Irritation the first: The main reason we keeps losing students from the program in question is because ANOTHER program at the College I work at keeps STEALING the students for a different program. Um, go to hell and get your own people.

Irritation the second: While counting all the students who are complete and realizing we still have enough to at least run the program I start looking at those on the wait-list. Weeeeeeeeeeeell APPARENTLY one of the wait-listed students has already had their funding forms for the program in question signed off for, THEIR ADVISOR JUST DIDN’T NOTIFY MYSELF OR MY CO-WORKER about it. So we were really over subscribed to the program.

Irritation the third: Getting e-mails asking if I’m ‘covering’ for the co-worker who is on holiday. Um, I’ve been doing the SAME job as her since FEBRUARY if you people would get it through your thick goddamn skulls and realize that. Not that it matters because I’m leaving anyway.

Thank goodness for that. If I had to stay here where apparently I don’t do my job and am nothing more than extra flesh all of a sudden I would end up being miserable.

Manitoba, here I come! Are you ready for me?!


Posted by Sarah Jayne

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