November: Month of Hope?

It’s been a rough-go since about June. Things have been wavering around and my emotions have been dragged all over the place; most often to be thrown down and stomped on. I’ve had some devastating blows to my self-esteem and some angry moments over things I can’t control.

The best thing about October is that it was my birthday (Yay me!) and it was my ‘wife’s’ birthday on the 25th. Nothing else noteworthy happened and things have been so blaaaaah.

Here comes November! I’ll be heading to the city for a 2 day conference on a topic I’m totally psyched for the session topics. I also get to drive myself and my coworkers in, which is fun for me because usually the BSP drives. After the conference is my youngest son’s birthday. That’ll be fun! I’ve had his present saved under my bed since, like, August because I’m one of those. Then I have a dentist appointment (I actually like the dentist. Weird, right?) and then a concert! Mariana’s Trench is coming to my town and I totally bought tickets for a friend of mine and myself! I’m quite excited! After the concert I have some weeks of meh but then! OH THEN! I have my TATTOO APPOINTMENT!! I am SO STOKED for my tattoo! This will make technically tattoo #8 but really #7. Tattoo 7 was a cover-up of tattoo 1. Has anyone ever told you tattoos are addicting? Because they are. AND I LOVE IT.

Do you have a good month coming up? November is Thanksgiving for all my American friends, right? Let me know what you’re up to!

I’ve also joined a task-minding app called Habitica. If you like RPGs and have a hard time doing various tasks, want to change habits or just generally need help remembering stuff, check it out! Also, tell me if you’re on it! We can party up!


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