Ooooh Man

Last night was my work Christmas party. It was pretty fun! We had a gift exchange where you get to steal stuff. I got the gift my office-mate brought. She was totally thinking of me: it was three bags of chips and a cute plastic container I’ll be putting my tree decorations in.

My co-workers certainly know how to have a good time! There was lots of drinking. A couple people broke some glasses. I was pretty behaved and that works really nice for me. My husband seemed pretty happy and not too uncomfortable. He’s pretty introverted so social settings with crowds of unknown people can require a lot of energy. He has an exam today at 12:30 so I hope he does well.

I’m so tired from last night. I’m not hungover, because I don’t usually get hungover. But I am tired. I got home around 1:15am but my brain wouldn’t let me sleep until closer to 3am. Because Brains Suck (sometimes).

So enjoy this picture and I hope your work/friend Christmas Parties are just as fun!


Posted by Sarah Jayne

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