No Mindful Musings today! I’m 3 posts (well, now that you’re reading this one I’m 2 posts) away from having my 500th post! I want to save the 200th Mindful Musing for the 500th post! Okay. Too many numbers. Brain now hurts.

Today is the birthday of someone super-crazy important to me today. My cute ‘wife’ who is in her second year of university in New Brunswick has her birthday today! I sent her a bunch of silly, slightly ridiculous pictures. I was going to record myself singing happy birthday to her in over-excited exuberance, but I’m already at work and my coworker and I came in at the same time today so it’s not even like I could have done it in my car. I might just do it when I get home and then send it off to her. I also have super-awesome presents to send to her that I will be firing off in the mail tomorrow. Come on, Canada Post! Don’t let me down and let it reach her before Christmas!

Last night I was working on getting my Hallowe’en costume set to go. I’m usually something dead or dying because I like to have fake blood (it’s Hallowe’en. Why wouldn’t you?) but this year I’ll be different. No blood. No bullet holes. No death. I’m not overly creative so I just looked at my current hairstyle and was like: “I need something that will make that work” and I found something. It also helps to Google ideas based on the fact that I wear glasses. Since I have like, 7 pairs (no exaggeration here), I also have a pair that fit the character. One part of what I did last night worked out fabulously. The other part, not so much. I may have to redo it. It’s my own fault for not following the directions properly. It happens.

How are my readers today? I haven’t posted a post about nothing in a long time. I haven’t been writing TAK because I’m a HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING and because I’ve been taking 2 classes this term which have occupied almost all of my time. We had a test which I almost failed *insert sobs of panic here* but I’m doing well on everything else. I am going to be taking just one course next term because it’s stats and as you know, numbers and I are not really friends. We’re more like frenemies.

For some reason this little thing has been in my head so I’m going to let it out:

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?

It is the cops and they want you to turn the party waaaaay down.

Don’t ask because I don’t even know! I’ve been watching a LOT of Brooklyn Nine-Nine because that show is ridiculously hilarious so maybe that’s where that came from.

It’s almost November which means it’s almost tattoo time! I have to email my artist by the end of this week with designs for the kimono that my goddess will be wearing. I have to be sure to do that sooner rather than later! I’m so stoked for the tattoo! It’ll be awesome.

Also awesome? Flying out to Alberta to visit my girlfriend who is like my sister. I haven’t seen her in a year and we want to go see Moana together so I planned my trip around the release date.

Are you doing anything exciting? All my American readers are probably getting ready for Thanksgiving, right? What are some of the things  you need to do to get ready?


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Well, congratulations in two posts!

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