Productive! So Productive!

I was so crazy productive this last weekend. I had the Friday off and just went nuts painting rooms in my house. You may remember I talked about redoing my office and getting things all spruced up in there. I started Thursday night and ended up painting the entire office over Thursday and Friday! I then started on the kitchen and painted until late on Saturday. What a busy long weekend for me!

The office is almost done. There are only 3-4 pieces of furniture left to grab and then the space is going to be bloody perfect. PERFECT! I’ll post pictures of that once it’s done.


In the meantime, enjoy looking at the majesty of my kitchen!

The orange is called ‘Japanese Koi’ by Behr paints. I hemmed the curtains you can see in the second picture. It was nice to get the sewing machine out and make it look all pretty-like. Those curtains used to drag on the floor. Now they look much better!

As well, you’ll be happy to know I can do a lot more writing now! My husband made the ‘executive decision’ to buy me a little gift while he was out running errands on the weekend.


That, my beautiful friends, is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with a very lovely purple keyboard! I’m actually using it right now! The keyboard is taking a little to get used to, but I just had to take my watch off and it was easier to type on. After I inhale my sandwiches for lunch I can continue writing TAK!

All in all, it was a really good weekend. I am pleased and that’s the most important thing.

I hope you all had a great long weekend (for those of you with the opportunity)

Happy Monday!

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