Rain, Rain, Go Away….

It’s raining again in lovely Alberta.

One thing about this province is certain: it doesn’t like people having or enjoying summer. Summer is either way too short, interrupted by rain or hail (not kidding), or it’s blistering hot.

Right now it’s decided to rain. Summer in 2011 was nothing but rain. I believe when they looked at the statistics, there were only 6 days that June where it did not rain.

Again, on days like today I’d like to stay in bed with a hot tea and play video games. I left my Day Job yesterday because I was fighting a massive headache and my wonderful little Hatchling was making everything very uncomfortable to the point where I just needed to stretch out on my bed.

Too bad I’m running out of sick days or else I’d really like to have done that again today.

We’ll see. I might be able to suffer through. It’s Wednesday after all! Almost the weekend….

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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