Self-Inflicted Madness

Wow. This weekend was a gong-show. Not familiar with that term? Apparently it’s an Alberta, Canada thing and it means INSANE.

I had half of Thursday, Friday and Yesterday off work. I came back this morning and there were 28 e-mails, many of them duplicates, a meeting request and craziness waiting for me.

This Saturday my husband was taken away to help with the parts of Alberta that were flooded. They then decided to give him back to us yesterday. I understand people are in need right now, but why bother taking people when you don’t really need them? That’s wasteful in my opinion.

So because of this last-minute craziness, we had to cancel our trip to Jasper with my in-laws which made me very sad as it will probably be the last time in a long time that I’ll be able to go to the mountains. My husband also missed our ultrasound appointment to see the little Hatchling which kind of upset me because I booked this thing a month prior and he was supposed to have the day off. When they decided to call him in, the appointment was set to happen in an hour from then. Ugh. Like they couldn’t wait. But, oh well. Such is the life of military families.

When he told me he was going to come home yesterday, I told him I would believe him once he was actually on the bus and headed back to our city. I trust nothing the military says in this regard until it actually happens because things can change in an instant. He could have been sent to the areas that were affected far heavily by the floods for all I knew. But he came home, which is good.

But because he came back at such an odd time after leaving suddenly our son was very upset this morning in the car on the way to the dayhome so Mum could go to her Day Job. Which, trust me, I would have MUCH preferred to stay home in bed. I feel like I didn’t get much of a weekend even though I spent most of it playing video games. I was just so stressed out and over burdened emotionally and mentally that it just wasn’t cool.

Such is life! I’ll get over it 🙂 Now it’s time to get on with the day!

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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