Sick Kids: The Struggle is Real

My eldest is home sick today. It started yesterday when he was sent home early with an upset stomach. Poor kid was so warm and went to bed super early. I mean, like, 6:30. That’s early for him. He usually doesn’t start going to bed until 7.

This morning he was very warm, very out of it. He has been chilling on the couch while we watch his favourite television show (that I really can’t stand right now). He seemed to be getting better. Gave him some Advil to alleviate the potential fever. He was on fire, the poor little guy.

I can tell he’s feeling better though. He’s started getting lippy and he’s yelling at me right now. I put on something different while I work on my freelance articles.

He just broke down into tears which is a major sign that he needs to have a nap. I’ve changed the television to a show I like, that he doesn’t. This at least takes his attention off the glowing box. He’s retreated to this playroom and I am not turning the television on. I’ve told him he can play with toys but I would rather he nap. He’s heaving sighs and is acting like his world is over.

How come kids don’t like napping?! Napping is the best. I can only wait until he’s a teenager and all he wants to do is sleep.

My husband hasn’t been feeling too great in the last bit either. Hopefully it’s nothing too big for him. He’s got work this weekend.

The only thing I get tired about is the arguments when the kids are sick. The kids argue; when we’re sick our patience all but disappears. Things will get better. This year has been really rough on us but things are looking up. My husband is doing well at school, I’ve got a really good job. The house needs a bit of a face-lift to make it feel more like home, but that’s alright. We can get there.

We’re fighters, so things will work out. We just complain a helluvalot while we’re trying to get things moving.

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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