Sporadic Posts

Since I’m getting so close to moving and my Day Job is currently being insane, I’ll be posting less frequently than I have been.

I also have a book to finish reading and review A Seer Ended by Michael Hale and then there are a few more in the queue after that.

PLUS I need to get things ready for the move, finish up loose ends at my Day Job and MAYBE work on TAK in the meantime. Somehow, I think TAK is going to be neglected until August, but that’s okay. I’ve got lots to worry about right now.

I’ve also got a mountain of clothes to go through so that I can donate what I no longer wear and what the Boy no longer wears. I need to figure out what I’ll be keeping for the Hatchling and what I need to buy. I’m pretty sure I’ve kept far more things than I thought I had so I REALLY should go through it all this weekend before I start going into a shopping frenzy (oops. That might be too late….) and get everything organized. I also need to go through my nightstand and throw out the junk that just sits there and does nothing as well as going through the Purple Room (which has become a Junk Room) and throw out what we don’t need to drag with us to Manitoba.

I also need to stop looking at school stuff because it’s getting me a little too excited and I should just forget about it until we move, are settled, and I make an appointment to meet with the Academic Advisor at the University I want to attend and map out the rest of my academic career.

So for now, I’m going to eat my breakfast and drink my tea while I wait for the work day to start.

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