Surviving the 'Stay-at-home' Mum stint

Right now, the biggest challenge I am facing is NOT which character to kill off or how to transition from this scene to that scene. It’s not even figuring out how to show the subtle, yet amazing, emotional transformation of the main character.

No no. Right now my biggest challenge is being a Stay-at-home Mum.

Since the age of 14 I have worked. There have been times where I have worked 3 jobs while attending school full time. I think in University was the first time I went more than a month without working because I needed to focus on my studies.

After the Boy was born I was off work for 9 months as my husband and I shared parental leave. Then I was right back at it, working full time and many times being a single mum while my husband was gone for work.

We’ve now moved to a small town and being as pregnant as I am it doesn’t make sense to work when I’ll just be going on maternity leave in about 3 months now. Actually, I think it’s a bit less than that.

The first two weeks seemed easy. Now, as time drags on, I realize how isolated I am and how I have 0 adult interaction when my husband is gone. I’m hoping to change this with some play groups that are starting in the Fall, but for now, it’s such a weird and bizarre feeling.

Good news is my husband is going to construct our fence this weekend and assemble the trampoline we purchased for our son. This will allow us to at least be outside during the day. Right now it’s hard to go to the park because I can’t chase my son or carry him when it’s time to leave (and he NEVER wants to go home).

For now, the Boy and I will amuse ourselves with Legos, some Bugs Bunny shorts, and maybe some documentaries about the ocean narrated by David Attenborough. The Boy has recently expressed huge interest in the aquatic.

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I’ve been through that. I found it quite hard going too – sort of boring combined with busy. Much as I love my kidlets (now teenagers). Playgroups certainly help – anything to get your kids playing with other kids and you talking to adults and getting out from the house.

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