Tattoos! I've got 'em! Do you?

As some of you may or may not know I have six tattoos.

One on the inside of each wrist, one behind my left ear, one on each shoulder and one in the middle of my back at the base of my neck.

I love getting inked. And pierced. I have 10 piercings as well. Eight in my ears, one in my nose and one in my navel.

Here are pictures of my fabulous tattoos in chronological order of when I got them:

I got her when I was 18. She'll most likely get covered up next.

I got her when I was 18. She’ll most likely get covered up next.

I got this one on my left wrist

I got this one on my left wrist


I got this one on my right wrist




I love music


Badass dragon! This puppy took 3 hours to do, including the colouring.


It looks a bit dirty as I had just taken the bandages off.

Because I get so excited about getting inked I’m already thinking of the next tattoo I want which will probably cover up my fairy.

I really loved her at the time I got her done and she represents a past passion (I used to write about and collect fairy figures) which I don’t do any more.

The next tattoo I want will be for my children. I’m due to birth the Hatchling in November so I want to save for this next tattoo and research tattoo studios so I can have it done for Mother’s Day next year. It’s going to be cool.

It will be two koi fish representing my sons in that circling image, kind of like this:

Not these colours though

Not these colours though







The fish on the left is going to have those pink/red sakura blossoms probably on the outside of it as my first son was born in Spring. The right fish is going to have red Japanese Maple leaves on the outside of it as my next baby is going to be born in Fall. The fish themselves will be coloured to represent the gender of my children as per the flags that are put up in Japan on Children’s/Flag Day. Dad’s are black fish, Mum’s are the red and orange, Boys are blue and white and girls are pink and white. So the fish for my kids will follow that.

This tattoo is going to go over my fairy. Which is okay because it’s the next chapter in my life 🙂

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I love that your tattoos, including the one you are planning next, have a story to go with them. So many people I know get them without putting any real thought into it. I have one inside my right wrist that says “A posse ad esse” which is Latin for “from possibility to actuality”. It reminds me everyday that anything is possible 🙂

Sarah Jayne Nantais

I’ve always tried to have the pictures or designs for at least a year before I get the tattoos as well to make sure I still like them. Thank you for the comment!!

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