The Benefits of Pregnancy Brain

Even though I haven’t actually written anything on my next story, I have definitely had a lot of inspirational, crazy pregnancy dreams. Every now and then I get flashes of certain scenes and I’m like: “WOW! That would so work” or “I never thought of showing that raw emotion before. This will do it perfectly”.

I’ve STILL yet to replace my charging cable for my tablet so that is really holding things back. Plus, being a mom kind of puts the breaks on anything involving just myself. I either don’t have the time, I am dead tired from gestating and chasing a 3 year-old, or I have other life things to worry about.

The major worries I had were involving money (of course!) and whether or not I would be able to go back to school next year. I know I said before that I was not going to go to school, but when you plan and scrimp and save for something for YEARS it’s really hard to give it up. Since we got some money back from our move my money issues are a lot lighter now. Now I have other concerns, like child care. I’m going to apply to school and submit all my transcripts and documents for assessment. I’m going to cross my fingers, toes, eyes, and legs that there will be a spot in the daycare for my Hatchling and that there is before/after school care for my son so that I can put him in Pre-School. These are the issues parents face.

IF there is no child care, then that means I need to find an evening/weekend job. That means any schooling I do MUST be online. When I met with the academic advisor at the University she mentioned that they were hoping to offer more of the courses online next year, so I’m hoping for that. This first year is just picking up those extra 18 credits in History so that I have a second teachable. That can be done online. I can use the Occasional Child Care offered at the centre by my house to do school work and have a break from the kids if I need to, especially if I’m working in the evening. It’ll be tight and I might get a little overwhelmed, but I can do it.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the strange dreams my pregnancy is causing. I’ve met with an OB/GYN and we’ve decided to go with another c-section for this little Hatchling. After weight the pros, cons, risks etc I made the choice that this would be the best route. It’s also convenient in planning the care for my 3 year-old, my husband arranging the last day of his work, AND I’m going to get them to obliterate my tubes while they’re in there.

Some people have told me that I’m very cold for deciding to tie my tubes at ‘such a young age’ and ‘are you sure?????’

First of all, I’m (almost) thirty years old. To me, that is old enough to stop having children. I was planning on having my tubes tied if I wasn’t pregnant this year anyway. If I want to go to school and get my Masters, I will not be able to do that with 3+ kids.

Second of all, kids are expensive. In order to provide a certain standard of living for my children we need to be cost-effective. I grew up in poverty and I do not want that for my children. It might not have been ghetto-poverty, but it was poverty enough that worrying about food and housing was a concern. I want my children to be able to go to University or College or Trade School or whatever without stressing about cost. Yes, my children will have to work for their futures, but if I can make the burden a little lighter, then I want to. I don’t want my children worrying about getting work so that they can support the household. I don’t want my children basing their choices for their futures around what the family needs. My husband’s sister has been living in England for a number of years and a part of me is jealous that she was able to make that decision and live the life she wants. It’s awesome and I want my kids to be able to make that choice as well.

But I am going ooooooon and oooooooooooon. I am also blaming this on the pregnancy hormones.

Now I will put my laptop away as my son is very keen on getting me to help him defeat this level of Angry Birds and I have a baby nursery to organize before I start making lunch 🙂


PS –> Thank you for all my followers being so patient with me! I know my posts have dropped quite a bit. I’m working out a new routine but they will probably drop again once the Hatchling is born. Please be patient with me! And thanks for reading!

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