The Life of a Working Stiff

So this needs to be short and sweet. I’m not supposed to use my work computer for “personal” things. I’m early for work so I figure I can pop out one short and sweet post.

I have a full time day job! It’s demanding a lot of attention. I’m also taking a course Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as teaching on Saturdays. I’m pretty busy right now. The course I’m taking ends after Thanksgiving (that’s in October, to my American followers. I am very Canadian lol) so I’ll have more time to write then.

My house is still in disarray as there is STILL mould in my basement bedroom and I am STILL camping out in my cluttered office. Hopefully this week we can get the removal company in there to sort things out.

Still waiting on my first paycheque from both jobs so once those flow in I can purchase the necessary tools to complete the office. I’m thinking a nice tall file cabinet, bookshelves and a nice chair mat to go over the floor. All of that could be about $500 but I don’t care šŸ˜‰

Anyway, I better get going. I’ll post again soon! I’ve been working on “Project: Ghost” which is the next short so keep your eyes peeled!

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