The Purge

So you may have noticed my absence this last week. I had taken a few days off from work to organize my house.

When I say organize, I am not exaggerating. Would you like to see pictures of my office in the before set up? This is before I forced my husband to help me tidy. I don’t have any after photos at the moment because there is still some work to be done. But maybe you can understand why I’ve not been able to do any writing on TAK or anything else for that matter, aside from the Mindful Musings I started a while ago.

If you are faint of heart and clutter makes you anxious, look away.

The blue box was not always in there. We brought it in to help with the papers that needed to go. There were some empty boxes that got kicked out as well. This isn’t even the whole room. This is just the messiest parts of it.

I thought I was going to die having it like this for a long time. My poor husband had no choice but to be forced into work right away as soon as the kids were dropped off to care. There was a lot of shredding, recycling, selling and organizing that happened. That desk you can see in the second picture sold that day. Obviously I cleaned it off before I posted it but it’s gone. The replacement desk was purchased on Friday thanks to Dad and it was built Friday night. I still need to paint, get a piece or two of art I wanted from Etsy, get a bookshelf (my manga collection is insane and running out of space) and get a sofa/loveseat/bed thingy.

After this space was cleaned out, I felt great! With the desk being set up and slightly organized (the bog boxes from the Ikea desk are still in the room as our recycle bin is full) I feel like it’s fresher. We’re also going to put up a new curtain rod (the one they left is ugly and missing pieces) as well as new curtains. Well, new/old curtains. We had them in our house in Edmonton. They’re a creamy-beige colour. The curtains the previous home owners left us are these deep brown/red things. Which aren’t bad, but I don’t want something that dark in there.

I’m excited to get this going and I’ll be happier once it’s painted and done. I’ll be sure to post after pictures so  you all don’t think I live in a sty. I’ll also be sure to make you jealous of my sweet writing set up 😉

Until then, maybe you need to catch the Spring Cleaning bug? It’s amazing what it can do for your mental health 😀

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