The Start of a Legend?

In case you haven’t seen the news, or you don’t follow the news in Canada, we elected a new Prime Minister last night.

Justin Trudeau, son of famed Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and his Liberal Party won the elections. This is a big deal up here in the Great White North because it is demonstrating a departure from our past. For the last ten years Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have been in power in Canada.

I don’t follow politics. I find that it is difficult to keep the stories straight and to understand exactly what is going on. By that, I mean I don’t follow the politicians. I try to follow the causes and I try to keep informed about policies.

I am glad that Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are gone. In this last election there were some issues and concerns that were brought up that I was not happy with. The Barbaric Culture Practice Hotline was disgusting. The whole controversy surrounding the niqab was also disgusting. The sad this now is that these two issues will be the legacy the Conservative Government leave behind. Partnering with the Fords from Toronto was also a bad idea. They stand for all the misogynistic, double-sided bullshit that many Canadians don’t approve of or appreciate.

I didn’t vote for Justin Trudeau, but I am glad he is Prime Minister. Anyone but Harper at this point.

It makes me wonder what direction my country is going to take now. I don’t know if this means things will get better or not. I’ve been feeling the pinch as I am currently the bread-winner in my family. I am supporting two children and a spouse who is pursuing post-secondary school due to a job change. He works part time to help us out. But it’s still a struggle.

I’m paying off a student loan I’ve had for the last 10 years. I’m paying non-subsidized childcare costs for two children. I’m paying a mortgage and paying for bills. I’m buying groceries that only seem to get more and more expensive, even when I buy the brandless options.

Justin Trudeau has claimed he can make it easier for those of us in the middle class. I don’t want a hand out. Yes, the ‘promises’ of more funds for the Child Tax Credit and Universal Child Benefit sound amazing. Honestly though, instead of extra money there, I’d rather my groceries be cheaper. I’d rather my childcare be cheaper while still allowing my dayhome provider to make a living as she should. I would rather my student loan just disappear.

It takes time to change a country. We’ve been moving in one direction for 10 years. I hope people give Justin a chance.

I wish Jack Layton had been alive for this election. I am confident he would have been our Prime Minister. While I voted for Mulcair, he just isn’t Jack. I hope he can find his political presence and when the next election comes I hope he can blow the socks off everyone, just like Jack used to.

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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