Things I Tell My Kids

Every parent has weird or funny things they tell their kids.

My eldest is 5.5 years old and I want to encourage his imagination and wonder. I routinely tell him things happen by magic or that the house talks. He’s on to me already but his imagination comes out while he plays. I try not to go too crazy because I don’t want him to be at a disadvantage at school. He went through a phase when Vader, Kirby, Mario and Luigi were invisible friends at our house. It was pretty fun. He knows that Mum doesn’t like ‘Jerks’ so when he gets into a ‘jerk’ attitude we talk about how that attitude is not good. He also went through a phase where he didn’t want to eat lunch. No matter what we did he didn’t want to eat. I finally got him to eat food by telling him he would die if he didn’t. Before you all freak out I know that’s extreme but desperate times called for desperate measures. It’s not a lie, but it would take time. We’ve talked about the realities of death and he is fortunate enough to not have lost a family member, friend or pet to death at this time.

As crazy as my kid is we enjoy our dance party time and making cookies. He really likes oatmeal cookies so I usually get his help for those. He really likes when you give him a job. I really want to get him a fish for his next birthday and help teach him some responsibility.

In the spirit of the holidays we put up our tree up last night! My eldest helped decorate and actually took direction well. I was really happy. I also made him hot chocolate for the first time and he really enjoyed it.


The littlest one so far has steered clear of the tree, but it’s only a matter of time. Two boys in the house really makes way for madness.

My father wants to call this weekend so it will be nice to have a chat with him. It’s been a while and I could use family support.  If we continue talking I’ll have to think of what the kids will call him. They already have a Grampy and Nana so I don’t want to duplicate. My dad will probably want to be called Poppa since that’s an East-Coast thing. His wife, Gwen, can’t be Nana though because the kids have one already. I’m sure we’ll think of something. We need to talk first and see how it goes.

In the meantime, I need to eat some breakfast and drink my tea before it gets cold. Enjoy your Sunday!

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