Uncharted Territory

So I started my new job yesterday. Today I am currently on my break so I thought I’d drop a line.

Everything is going well at the moment. The team is really great and nice and the job itself is proving to be interesting. My opinion is valued and my input is looked for and I’ve only been here for two days! There is a lot of information to digest but they aren’t breathing down my neck expecting me to know it all by tomorrow. That’s really helpful because it puts less pressure on  me and allows me to succeed at my own pace.

My husband landed himself a part time job which he’ll be starting in September. We’re going to be a bit tight for cash until then but that’s okay. We can make it work.

Our house was almost fixed. We had the walls rebuilt and the insulation put in with the vapour barrier. And then we got water. It’s confirmed that the water is leeching in from the ground and we’ll need to put in weeping tile. That’s a $30,000 job that we can’t afford right now. We’re going to buy a dehumidifier and that should help with the problem  until we can get it fixed. We’re not going to have the drywall installed until later as well so that we don’t have to deal with tearing it down again.

In other news, our house almost caught on fire. It was a great weekend. What happened was that one of the outlets that we never use was connected to an outlet we frequently use. After smelling the burning and identifying the outlet we removed it to find out that the one that was installed needed to be used with copper wire only. Our house was built in 1974 and has aluminium wires. We’re going to have to go around and count all the outlets and put aside some cash to replace those too. Yaaaaay. I haven’t even gotten a paycheque yet and I don’t know how that all works so this budgeting is going to be great…..

Anyway, my break is almost over. I should be able to post a lot more often because I’ll have some time to do that now. Look forward to reading about my ramblings and some tidbits about my upcoming work, TAK, which I promise you I am working on. If I remember, I might bring my tablet and keyboard to work to write at lunch since I get an hour and don’t take that long to eat.

Until then, peace out my lovelies. Have a great day!

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