Today’s post will be a rant. There are no questions about that.

The provincial government has cut back the funding to public post-secondary institutions, such as the one I currently work for, by 7.3%.

The University of Alberta has had to cut $24 million dollars worth of stuff. Stuff can include staff, programming, faculty, supplies. All kinds of stuff.

My school has cut $4 million dollars. To do this, we have cut various administrative staff, an entire faculty, brought out an early retirement incentive, and shuffled staff around.

One of those staff members was my supervisor. They have taken her away from my area and we have been left without a leader.

There’s not much else I can or should say on the matter, but I will say this:

Cut-backs to education: secondary, elementary or post-secondary are so not cool. How can we expect people to succeed and meet the raising demands of the work force if we can’t educate our children? How can we expect our youth of today to be the successful and productive adults of tomorrow if we can’t even provide them with basic education? How many students are not able to get a proper education due to poor facilities, overburdened teachers, outdated materials? Unfortunately this happens at all levels of education.

And man.


Posted by Sarah Jayne

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