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Honestly, I have never paid that much attention to my digital footprint. I have my site hosted on WordPress like many of my followers and readers do.

But have you ever thought about it? There are things I haven’t even heard of before, like the phrase ‘indie web’. That’s a thing?

I’m not one of those careful, planned bloggers. I write when I feel like writing and I write whatever I feel like writing. I don’t usually do a read through after I’ve written something because that’s just not my style. Sure, I’ll try to correct glaring mistakes but there have been times when I’ve published something, looked at it again and gone “oops!” then scramble to fix it.

You’ve read about my coworker, Bespectacled Smarty Pants (BSP). He’s one of those intelligent, methodical writers. Everything he writes has a purpose and his strengths certainly lie in writing academically.

He recently posted about his own digital footprint and what that means to him:

Several months ago, I decided to start taking my “digital footprint” a little more seriously. Like most people these days, several parts of my job require me to be active online, and through the projects I work on, I am closely involved with web development and on the periphery of educational technology. I have also been immersed in the work being done around open educational resources and open pedagogy, which rely heavily on using new technology to enhance teaching and learning. The community (or “network”) of open educators includes prolific bloggers and hackers: they use the open web to create, connect, tell stories, and share outside of the “silo” that is the Learning Management System (or the ubiquitous social networks essential to how we experience the web now).

As you can see, his writing is very specific and extremely intellectual. If you go through and read the whole thing, you’ll notice that quality.

It’s this quality that makes me jealous. He’s younger than I am and has such a command over the English language. He explains things in a detailed fashion and justifies with excellent resources how he came to those conclusions.

If you’ve ever been interested in your own digital footprint, the indie web and how to manage your own profile, I highly recommend reading his article. While you’re at it, visit the rest of his site and see if you like what he writes about!

While it is long, it’s filled with valuable information.

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His article is very interesting, however, don’t worry about your style vs. his. While you’re correct that he’s more academically organized and thoughtful, you take a more creative approach. And I’ve accidentally posted things with an error before, so this isn’t unique to you. Be proud of what you do. And work to evolve it. 😊

Sarah Jayne Nantais

Aw thanks! I’m really good at self-doubt and belittling myself. I think I also just get jealous that he has accomplished so much at a young age than I. The grass is always greener right? 😊


Our inner critics are always harsh. But if you think about it, you’re making your own way.

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