Mindful Musings #226


The jealousy I feel

When I see you in various stages of


Burns within my chest.

Your accessories long tossed away

As you change from gold, to red, to muddy brown.

Discarding your leaves you lay yourself bare.

Exposed to the gentle breeze

That is laced with ice

As if to foretell

What is to come.


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Mindful Musings #186

Mindful Musings

Fall comes in like a hurricane.

The leaves abruptly turn red, gold and orange

Before falling to the earth

Dressed in their finest browns.

The wind whips their carcasses

Into the faces of those who stroll

In the autumn sun.

In a whirlwind of cool air

And hot breath

I watch the fog of my existence

Swirl into nothingness.

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