Gotta CAVE with 'em all

So I caved.

My husband, my best friend and my Brain Twin all have Pokémon Go.

I tried to resist. I really did. I mean, I have enough cell phone games that drain my battery.

But alas, I could only hold out for one day.

I downloaded Pokémon Go about three minutes ago.

I have a Bulbasaur.


It’s an adorable Bulbasaur.

And now I’m hooked.

Well, at least it’s comfy up here in the bandwagon 😛

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Ahhhhhh….Friday…..I Love Thee

Today is Friday, thank freakin’ everything.

This week has felt so much longer than it really was, but that’s how it felt.

Today my Day Job is having a BBQ to promote something like team solidarity or something silly like that. It’s supposed to rain all day, so I’m hoping we stay at the office and do it upstairs in the big meeting rooms. We’re supposed to go to the same park as last year and the bathrooms are about a ten minute walk to get to. Trust me, you do NOT want to make a pregnant woman walk for ten minutes just to use the washroom. I will not be happy.

HOWEVER! If we have it at work, the bathrooms are across the hall! 🙂

Today, my cellphone suffered organ failure and needs a heart transplant (my battery is pooched). If that doesn’t work, a whole body replacement may be necessary. Which makes me sad. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Slide/Glide. This means it has a physical KEYBOARD which makes me happier than a dog in a moving car with the window open. But I might have to give that up in order to have a functioning phone. My phone is so old they don’t make it and it can’t support the latest operating system Samsung/Android has put out.

This always happens to me. Makes me sad. Makes me sad that even if it had only been 6 months it wouldn’t have been unrealistic to think that my phone is out of date, because it would be.

Jerks in the Technology department.

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