Everyone has a routine. Some people wait until the last minute to get out of bed and then rush to work. Some people will always be 10-15 minutes early for a meeting. There are people who want the same warm beverage in the morning without any changes. There are some people who need to unwind at the end of every day with a television, glass of wine or certain snack.

It’s when these people step outside their normal routine that things get thrown for a loop. My co worker, Bespectacled Smarty Pants (BSP) did just that this morning.

I generally get to the office at 8:00am. My work day doesn’t start until 8:30am but right now I’m carpooling with my husband because it’s a bit chilly and I really don’t care to walk all the way to work in the morning. On the way home is another story, but in the morning, no thank you.

So I saunter in as per usual. Drop my stuff off at my desk, wake up the PC. Take my lunch down to the kitchen area (it’s really just a mini fridge and a microwave on a table at the back of a meeting room) and pop my lunch in the fridge. I notice that the coffee from last night needs to be dealt with. Since I’m basically the first person in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays I make the coffee. All other days are handled by the timer on the coffee machine. I don’t drink coffee, but I have co workers who can’t function without it.

There I am, carefully measuring out the grinds and putting the pot to the side so I remember to rinse it out and not just start a new pot on top of the left over crap that’s there. I hear the door and look at the time. Ah. 8:06am. It’s probably Brain Twin. I go about what I’m doing and lo! It is not Brain Twin! In comes BSP, the guy who is ten minutes late at least every single day. Sometimes he’s twenty minutes late. He’s a young single guy that lives alone and apparently has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

And yet, there he was, coming down the hall oh so early in the morning! It truly surprised me. I couldn’t even tease him about it like I usually would!

I wonder what kind of stir it will create when others realize he was early today. It’s quite fun to watch.

We humans are creatures of habit. We have a pattern and we adhere to it. When we go outside that comfort zone, that’s when the magic can happen.

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The Team

Most of you know that I have a full time day job that I muddle through every day. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing really well and making a difference, and sometimes I feel like just another cog in the machine.

I work with a pretty awesome group of people though. There is the Super Boss, our Executive Director, my manager and the two special projects managers are the Power Rangers and my two co workers and I make up the Ninjas. I’ve talked about my office-mate before, the Brain Twin. She’s currently out sick and I hope she feels better soon. It gets quiet without her so I turn the music up a bit louder. We have a disco ball in our office and generally have twitter wars and dance parties.

At first, the idea of sharing an office was intimidating. I was so used to having my own space and not having to account for another human being within that space. We get along really well. Like, so well it can be creepy. She’s not my Brain Twin for nothing.

My other co worker is the Bespectacled Smarty Pants, or BSP for short. This kid. This kid I tells ya. He’s going to be 28 this year and has already accomplished so much it makes my green eyes even more green with jealousy. He got his Masters right after university, he teaches at the university where our office is based, he’s the front runner for one of our projects at work which lets him out of the dungeon. In all honesty, this kid has achieved a lot. For someone in their early thirties who is currently dreaming of things like a Masters degree and who is still searching for herself, it’s a bit maddening.

When I was your age…!

There are two other members of the team but they don’t have nicknames. I’ve just realized that. That needs to be rectified. One is our IT support guy. The tech wizard. But we can’t call him the Wizard because Super Boss already has that. He’s got two names because he’s so super. The other co worker is the Assistant to the Director. She is seriously the one who keeps this ship running smoothly and with little waves.

I do so enjoy my job, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I fantasize about living in a remote location; some cabin in the woods or mountains somewhere where no one knows me. Where there is a little tiny village where everyone is nice to each other. Where we’re cut off from the annoyances of modern day. I am reading a manga right now where this exact situation is happening. It makes me long for a simpler life.

One of these days. I’ll have a cabin in the nothingness where I can retreat and write to my hearts content. Where the children can play outside without being afraid of getting kidnapped or run over by a car. Where my husband can relax and we can all go for family hikes or other outdoor excursions.

Some day.

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