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I’ve published on Smashwords!!

There were no errors so it’s awaiting human review for the premium catalog. I’m also waiting for information on getting my ISBN which can take up to 10 business days.

Once it’s been reviewed by human beings I’ll update my Book tab and link directly to the site! I just want that to be done before I do anything.

Had a bit of a panic attack when I went to publish because suddenly the cover file was GONE. Good thing my husband was home (he’s the one who designed it) so he could recreate it for me. It’s nothing special, but it suits me and the book itself so I was very grateful he was able to save my butt there.

I’ll work on getting it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing later on this weekend or maybe during the next week. You can download a Kindle copy from the Smashwords website in the mean time, once I get everything ‘okayed’.

Phew! For now, it’s time to shut the laptop and relax until bedtime 🙂 See you soon!

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2 Days!

Short post today.

I’ve got my Day Job running me ragged so I have to do a couple things before heading out for training and then running out for presentations.

BUT! Two more days until I publish. Well, one really as I’ll publish on the second day, but I still technically have that whole day.

I finished the basic formatting last night. Apparently I am a fan of putting a space after every paragraph before I hit enter to start the next one.

Read through begins tonight! PUBLISHING TOMORROW! AHHHHHHHH!

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3 Days!

Last night I formatted up to Chapter 17. That means there are only 10 chapters left!!!

Because it’s coming up so ‘quickly’ I’m getting more and more nervous about it. What if EVERYONE who reads it hates my book? What if they say it’s a waste of space? What if people are overly critical, and not in a nice way? I know not everyone in the world will like it. It’s very possible that people will read it and think it sucks. That’s the risk that is taken by publishing.

I just don’t want people to be mean. Be constructive! It’ll be my first book, after all.

Anyways, I’ll be publishing with Smashwords for sure no later than Friday evening. KDP might have to wait until Saturday because their website requires a bit more information that I haven’t been able to get going while at my Day Job.

Soon! And THEN I get to FINALLY put information under my “Books” tab on the website 😀

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4 Days!

Last night was insane at my house with my toddler adjusting to Dad being gone again and having issues with wanting to be a big boy and potty train (sorry, sorry, TMI I’m sure).

I managed to get up to chapter 8 last night in my formatting, which means only 19 more chapters!

I had a query from an associate from The Twitter about ePublishing so I thought I would pose it to my audience:

If you publish your book with Smashwords and KDP, what happens with potential duplicates? I know Smashwords publishes a catalog with Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing is strictly Amazon so I wonder about the book being listed twice? Does that happen?

In my research of the two I haven’t come across information to identify this potential issue.

Can anyone give their two cents?

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5 Days!

That’s how much time is left between now and my publication date.

I AM SO NERVOUS lol I should be able to publish with Smashwords no problem on Friday, probably Friday afternoon or evening, and then work on getting everything uploaded to KDP on the Saturday.

I received far less votes than I expected on my little poll, but I have decided to go with Verdana 11 pt for my first book. I like the look of that font and I find it a bit cleaner than Times and not as basic as Arial.

Because I’ve got such a crunch I was going to bring my laptop to work and start formatting during lunch break at my Day Job, but when I checked my calendar this morning, I was reminded that I’m baaarely in the office all week!

This means there are going to be some late nights ahead of me! But that’s okay! The bare-bones formatting is done, it’s just going through the story to make sure that the spaces are proper, what I wanted in bold and italics is back in that style. I have 27 chapters to deal with and last night I got up to chapter 3, which isn’t too bad since I didn’t format the whole night.

Here’s hoping!!!

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So Close!

So my publishing deadline is next Friday!!! :S


But, I think I can make it this time. I’ve done the bare-bones formatting, I’ve edited the big stuff, I’ve got my accounts at Smashwords and KDP all set up and I’ve got my account at PayPal set up too.

Once I decide on a font (and according to my poll Verdana is winning) I’ll go back through my work and change it if necessary and then review my cover art (it’s very simple but I like it) and make sure the dimensions are correct and go from there.

I’ll probably need to write up a blurb about it so people can get a general idea of the story, decide on a price point, and determine if I’m going to make coupons and try to give away some free copies. One of my coworkers told me she wants me to print a copy of my book in paperback and sign it for her lol That would mean using Create Space, so I might do that in June if I’m so inclined.

Anyways, here’s to work! Here’s to formatting! Here’s to FONTS!

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All the small things

While I have been whittling away my life in Formatting Hell, I’ve come to a standpoint.

WHAT FONT DO I USE?!?! Right now I have everything done up in Times New Roman 12 pt because that’s the only default I could think of. I don’t necessarily like that font and I do so enjoy the Calibri the I was using previously, but since I am soooooooooo green at this, I want to make sure I use a font that will be easily read by all sorts of ereaders and smartphones and such.

Does any one have any advice on this topic? I’ve done the bare bones formatting and made sure all the stupid little bad things are gone so I need to go through it and re-italicize and re-bold any sections and words that were undone in the Nuclear Formatting (as Smashwords likes to call it in their guide).

I’ll probably do some last-minute editing while I do that too because already there’s a scene I can think of in my head that I wasn’t quite sure I did the way I like.

I should still make my deadline of May 31, 2013 though! That’s a plus!! Then I just have to summon the courage (and find the balls) to actually put it out there and publish the sucker.

In the meantime, someone help me!!!! 😀 😀 😀

I’ll love you forever if you do!

Here’s a poll!

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Being in that Dark Place

When I first started writing it was because I was in a very dark place in my life and I used it as a form of escapism.

I used to think I could only write when I was depressed and unhappy. Sometimes I still think that and because I’ve been happy and ‘normal’ for so long, it was like I had writer’s block and I felt unable to be as creative as I once was.

It was a scary thing when that first happened. It was like the only thing I ever felt I as kind of good at was taken away because I was now ‘happy’. It almost made me resent that happiness. I didn’t understand how it could crush everything I ever knew in terms of writing.

But as time went on and I started to slowly get back to my writing, the creativity came back. The year I turned 25 was when I became truly happy for the first time. I met my soon-to-be husband and met his family and got to experience, for the first time in a very long time, what a family who cares about each other is like.

I didn’t try to write for at least 3 years after that.

But in the last few years I’ve started writing here and there when my husband has to go away for a long time and when my son allows me the peace and quiet to do so.

Now that I’ve edited my first story that I’m going to publish I’m a bit scared and formatting seems even scarier, but I’m not in that dark place any more. I’m not in that deep dark hole of loneliness and neglect.

Do I think my writing has suffered because of that? No, not really. Sure, the same well that I drew my inspiration from is gone, but it’s not completely gone.

I like to feel as though it’s evolved. It’s grown with me and my life.

The proof will be in the story I publish after Black & Red. It’s the first story I created, developed, and wrote since becoming ‘happy’.

Here’s hoping!

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Adventures in Formatting

No, I haven’t actually looked at my story or even attempted to format.

I downloaded the formatting guide through Smashwords (very helpful and very free) and started looking it over so that when I start formatting this week I’ll have an idea of what’s expected of me.

It’s going to be SO tedious! But! I brought this on myself when I decided to self-publish. I can’t afford someone to edit or format for me, and besides, this will let me appreciate it so much more because I’ve put so much personal effort into it.

We’re going to tackle this formatting, probably starting tomorrow night. My husband leaves in the morning so I’ll have lots of time to do nothing after the boy-child is in bed and everything is ready for the next day.

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Oh Canada….

You never let me down.

In the city I currently live in, I’ve read a news article that the police who walk the beat downtown are going to be doing so…..on Segways.

Right. Because with cops on Segways we’ll be able to take them even more seriously.

Aside from that being relatively hilarious there isn’t much else going on. This weekend will be the start of formatting! Since I can’t do it on my tablet properly I’ve been designating all the formatting for home time, but I got a video game for Mother’s Day so that’s been eating up valuable formatting time 😛

The plan is to format at least 1/3 of the piece by the end of this weekend. My husband leaves for work again on the 15th so that will give me more lonely time at home to format and nit-pick and get everything ready to the PUBLISHING that will be taking place THIS MONTH.

I’m still terrified. Yup. Terrified.

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