Revisting an Old Friend

During my editing of this story I wrote four years ago I’m getting more and more excited as I go through. Yes, there are quite a few flaws that are being ironed out, but it’s the story itself that’s getting me pumped.

Sure, I’m biased as hell because I’m the one who wrote it, but since I haven’t really done anything with it for so long I’m starting to remember why I liked it and why I wrote it. I’m getting all excited and nervous about certain characters and their fates because I’m slowly remembering everything that happened when I wrote it originally. I’m beefing up my fight scenes and delving more into the emotional turmoil that these characters are facing given their situation.

It’s like reading a book I loved again for the first time in years. It’s been long enough that it’s not boring and you don’t remember everything that’s going to happen before it happens.

Hopefully there will be other people out there who will get just as excited when they read it for the first time 😀

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As I’m editing away and reviewing and rewriting my story until it meets my satisfaction (speaking of which, there’s a fight scene to clean up and some character development to throw in), I start thinking about the people who might actually buy my book and read it when it’s finally published in April.

Honestly, I don’t want to be super famous or be a best-seller. I don’t want people throwing themselves at me and telling me how great my work is. You know why? Because I just want someone to ENJOY it.

I don’t want people freaking out over it and thinking it’s so great. I don’t even think it has the potential for a reaction like that. I don’t think it’s crap, or else I wouldn’t even try to publish it. Friends who have read it in it’s most raw form have told me that they like it which is why I want to put it out there.

But I just want someone to truly enjoy it. I want them to become emotionally involved with the characters (maybe, that’s asking a lot) and I just want them to feel satisfied when they finished reading. Hell, I want someone to be able to get to the END of the book.

It’s taken me so long to even try to put my stuff out there because every story is like an extension of me. A part of me goes into this work and there is a piece of me in every character. So for someone to be rude and badmouth it would feel like a personal attack.

Yes, not everyone who reads it is going to like it. Of course not. That would be insane. But when it comes time that people are actually writing reviews I just want them to be constructive. Don’t compare me to other people and don’t just say it was shitty but don’t say why.

Although I’m pretty sure someone out there will write a review like that.

I just want someone who I’ve never met before to just say that they enjoyed it. Is that so much to ask?

I hope not.

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