One Week Left!

Hi everyone!

Black & Red

My First Book!

Just wanted to let you know there is one week left to get my debut novel, Black & Red, for FREE through Smashwords.

Now I shall end the shameless self-promotion 😛

Thanks to those who have downloaded it and if you’d like to leave a review, please do so! Even if you say my book is horrible I’ll happily link to it.

I can’t fix things if I don’t know they’re broken! All the grammar issues, though, I know about those hahahaha 😉

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Have You Checked This Out Yet?

Don’t forget!

Black & Red

My First Book!

For the month of July you can get my debut novel for FREE!

This is a Smashwords Exclusive and you can access it here!

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it 🙂

I promise I’ll stop being annoying about it…..

In August 😉


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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

Hey everyone!

Black & Red

My First Book!

I just enrolled Black & Red into the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale that’s going on for the month of July! If you head over to the Smashwords site you’ll find a coupon code that will let you download the book for free! It’s only available at this price on Smashwords, even though the title shows up on other ebook provider sites.

Feel free to check it out and maybe download a copy while you’re at it 😉

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Time Keeps on Keeping On

In my quest to craft my new work I have, admittedly, forgotten about Black & Red. It has been a very long time since I sold any units and most of that is because a) It’s not my best work and I know that plus b) I haven’t been promoting it as much as I probably should.

I’ve been so wrapped up in writing my shorts for TAK as well as my everyday life of being a full-time working mum Black & Red has fallen by the wayside.

I woke up this morning to something interesting, however.

Apparently, in January, I sold 2 units! This caused me to log in to my dashboard with KDP and I realized something.

Black & Red has been out for nearly two years now! Isn’t that amazing? It’s amazing for me!

I have a friend who is anxiously awaiting the release of TAK. In fact, she is probably the only one who looks at my Facebook page and every now and then she will post that she wants the book. She doesn’t come and read the shorts because they are not enough for her, as she’s said.

I can’t stop writing the shorts, however. I am finding myself spread very very thin and I don’t have the time I want to devote to writing the chapters. I am trying to save myself from forgetting about my characters and their lives completely by writing the shorts. I find it is a good way for me to flesh out the characters and their personalities in ways that would maybe take too long to do in the actual story.

Today I will be writing one of the shorts while I am at work during my breaks. I brought my outline so I can look at the maps and remember what my characters look like (because I can forget these things I have descriptions and such written down).

Stay tuned. This short I’m working on is about Aldric, one of the main characters in TAK. I believe it’s the first time I’ve written a short that includes one of my leads; who are surprisingly both male.

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Hello Tuesday!

With my Day Job I get to be on Television! Did I tell you that before?

It’s local cable and it’s basically me sitting and talking to people about what is happening around my fair little city and how it relates to/why it is important for immigrants to Canada.

Today is only my second screening because I was sick last week :'( I was so sad, but I was also dying and it’s better not to spread my evil germs across the planet. I’ve done that enough by procreating.

I’m hoping to find some quiet time to get back to work on TAK. I feel like Brexton and Aldric must be mad at me since I’ve abandoned them for so long. While I did post some shorts in the past few months, none of them have included my two leads from the actual book. Part of that is because I have yet to separate what is important for the main story and what would be classified as just extra information.

A lot of the shorts I’ve posted are to give some back story to not-quite-main-but-important characters in the book. There were about 3 stories posted about The Charlatan and two that included his Nurse/Aide Kokoro. While both of these characters will show up in TAK I felt it might be better to include their back stories in a separate format as I don’t want to use the entire book to explain how each person met up with each other. There will be brief mention of it in the main story to explain the context and such, but not as much detail as the side stories.

This is also true of the story I wrote which centralizes on Project: Ghost. Gideon, who is a fairly important character, is given much more back story. Of course, all the stories I have posted are drafts and rather far from being perfected. My idea is that after I FINALLY finish TAK and publish it, I will finish writing and compiling the short stories and publish that separately like a companion book or whatever.

Sounds pretty damn fancy right?

I am almost jealous of myself!

Now some one find me some extra hours in a month so I can get on this.

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Lines, lines, dropping lines


I know I’ve been away for a long time now. Life kind of gets in the way when you’re a mother of two and you work.

I commemorate my return, I’ve discounted my book permanently. You can now purchase Black & Red for 99 cents! Cool right? I realized it’s not about the money. It never was. I don’t know why I thought I would sell my first book at $2.99. Thank you to those who purchased it at that price! I appreciate it.

I don’t have much time today to write anything too in depth. I just wanted to let all my followers and readers know that I am still around. I’m still working on TAK and I look forward to the day I can publish it. It is a huge step up in terms of development for both the characters and the story. I am really proud of what I have written so far. It’s hard for me not to fall in love with these characters. That’s not to say that I didn’t love all the characters in Black & Red.  I did, and I do, love all of them. That was why I wanted to publish that story because even though it’s rough around the edges and even though there is probably lots of room for development and refinement of my technique and basic skills, it was still a story I wanted to share with the world.

I hope I wasn’t missed too much. I’m back now. I doubt I’ll be able to go back to writing a post every day like I had before, but I will do my best to post more than once a month 😉

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Received a second review over at GoodReads. I highly suggest checking it out! It goes into great depth about what the reader liked and disliked about my book.

Some people may think it’s too honest, but as a new author trying to get my book(s) known out there, I see it as invaluable teaching material.

After all, how can I hope to make my next book, TAK, any better if I can’t build upon the weaknesses of my past? They need to be shown to me so I can do that and this review hits it all.

It’s been updated on my media page, but here is the link as well: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/632616050

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Where the hell have I been??

If anyone follows this blog you may be asking this question.

I do apologize for my sudden disappearance. It was not meant to last so long.

I had my son on November 6th, 2013. Now my house is full of boys and I’m left alone as the only female. Of course, this means my laundry load has increased slightly 😛

Aside from adjusting to being a mom of 2 and handling a fussy baby coupled with a demanding toddler I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep, mostly. I haven’t had nearly as much time for reading or writing as I thought I would.

I’m slowly working on it though and hoping to catch up. In the meantime I’ve been dealing with life realities such as putting my schooling on hold. This time I`m not going to just disregard school forever, I`m going to postpone it.

I will be starting a new job in January that works out nicely for my family. It will be in the evening during the week and on Saturdays. I am very excited about it because I am also being given creative freedom to develop an entire curriculum which makes me happy.

So I do apologize for not being as active as I should be. I will hopefully be able to get back to at least posting once a week.

I am considering offering my book for free as a apology gift 😉 Stay tuned!

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So I have decided on the name of my next work and I’ve been reading it over again. I had only written slightly over 100 pages when I went to work editing and dressing up Black & Red.

Now that Black & Red is really out there and there’s not much else I need to do to it, I can focus my attention on TAK. I’ve received some great constructive criticism for my writing style from a few people who have read/are reading Black & Red which will help me make TAK that much better. I know I have a grammar problem and I’m working really hard on fixing that. Since I’m not putting a deadline on TAK I feel like I can take my time and pay more attention to it.

The reason I didn’t do that with Black & Red  is because the fundamental story is something I had written many years ago. The story itself has received amazing feedback and I feel very tickled inside that people like it that much.

I feel I’ve done all I can for Black & Red. Sure, I could go back and fix up the little grammatical things that are nagging, but I just feel like it’s out there now, why do that? Why change something? What about all those people who have bought or read it with those errors? No, I’ve told Kalan’s story and I’ve let the world meet Terentya. They are out there now and I’m not about to change that.

For now, I will focus my writing skills on TAK and the story of Brexton and Aldric. This will be the first time I’ve written a story with two male protagonists. Yes, there were male main characters in Black & Red but TAK focuses mainly on Brexton and Aldric and the adventure they have.

Once it’s out there, I hope you will enjoy it as well! Please look forward to it!

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Reading, reading, reading

I’ve done what I like to call a “Story Swap” with a couple people from the Twitter and WordPress who are writers as well and I just started reading the books. I’ve got 4 to get through and I’ve promised to write reviews for these people as well.

I think it’s only fair and they’re helping me while I help them. Nothing wrong with that at all!

I didn’t start anything this weekend though because I wanted to play my video game, Tales of Graces f (I strongly believe the ‘f’ stands for ‘Foreign’ since it’s English Dub :P) and I got really involved in that game this weekend. I really like the Tales series and I am really looking forward to the next one which is due out in August as it was supposed to come out in JANUARY of this year but got pushed back.

The first book on my plate is: A Seer Ended by Michael Hale. You can find his work at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Seer-Ended-The-novels-ebook/dp/B00CQBYLQ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368296410&sr=8-1&keywords=A+seer+Ended

I just loaded it up on my tablet but it’s sitting at 400 and something pages. That actually makes me really excited because that means it’s probably really involved! I like stories like that. He’s got a profile over at GoodReads too so you should check him out. I’ll touch base on the other books when I get to them.

Happy Monday! I’m alllllllllllllllmost done my Day Job for at least a year. I can’t wait!

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