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Nice, Long, Sigh

I had a great night last night! I met up with a friend for dinner. She came and picked me up and treated me to supper at a restaurant in town that wasn’t McDonalds! We had a great chat about a bunch of the stuff I’m dealing with right now and the stuff she’s dealing with right now. It’s really nice and amazing to have someone that you can talk to so openly who is real with you. When we talked to each other we don’t sugar-coat, we don’t try to tip-toe around the other. If I’m doing something stupid, she tells me straight out. If she’s doing something stupid, I tell her straight out. There’s no malice in our words so we’re able to be honest with each other without worrying about hurt feelings.

After like, 2 hours at the restaurant we were about to leave when I ran into my Boss and fellow Ninja from work! They had met up since my Boss is in town so they invited us to sit with them and we remained for like, another 2 hours. I really needed that. My friend and I  generally try to have a ‘date’ once a week or every two weeks but it had been a while due to our lives being busy, the weather and other stuff.

It was after sitting with my co-workers with an ‘outsider’ that I realized I have it really damn good with my Day Job. I share an office with someone who listens to me bitch and is understanding. That fellow Ninja is amazing in her own right! She knows this job so well it’s amazing. It’s easy to ask her for direction or guidance and I appreciate that. Then there’s the other Ninja that I saw last night. He’s a bit more senior than I am (if you’re reading this, I will call you Senpai from now on instead of Shonen) since he’s been here longer but man. He’s hella successful for a young guy. He’s got his Master’s, he’s working this entry level job which could lead him to amazing professional opportunities and he teaches for the University as well. He’s also wicked intelligent and pretty funny. Then there’s my Boss (who apparently is also a Power Ranger) who is just relaxed and fun but is able to keep us all in line and help us deliver awesome results. There are so many amazing people that I work with that I would be here all day talking about them. It’s just such a chill, professional and awesome environment that I appreciate being able to work here.

It was also revealed to me last night that my in-laws are picking up my eldest on Friday and taking him for the night! That will give all of us a nice needed break. We’ll have to put the tree up on Saturday when my son gets back. My in-laws are also great people. I got really lucky on the draw there. A lot of people hate their in-laws or their in-laws hate them. I don’t have this issue. Or if they do dislike me, they hide it really well hahaha.

I’m feeling refreshed and happy again. Things are starting to look up!


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