Mindful Musings #194


My shins can’t take

Being shattered

From the constant blows

That the universe keeps dealing me.

I get knocked down,

But I get up again.

And again.

And again.

The marvelous shades

Of purple, black and blue

Decorate my legs

And the rest of my body

That takes the beating

When I’m bowed over.

No matter how weak

And worn

I am

I will crawl back up

From the depths of this hell

And stand firm

Once more.

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Mindful Musings #54

Mindful Musings

All the effort in the world

Cannot change the fate you have been given.

The threads were woven with a specific

Design in mind.

You can try to change your fate

But the threads are not easily broken.

Do no break them.

Take control of the weaving;

Create your own design

And your own fate.

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