Mindful Musings #195


Hurry, hurry

The finish line is in sight.

Hurry, hurry

Almost there!

Hurry, hurry

Just reach – streeeetch – out a hand.

Hurry, hurry

Fall face down.

Hurry, hurry

But there’s no time to waste.

Hurry, hurry

Get back up, dust off, ignore the scraped knees

Hurry, hurry

And race, run, roar

Hurry, hurry

To the goal.

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If you remember, I had talked about applying to university to pick up some prerequisites for a Masters in Education that I wanted to complete.

It took forever, cost a pretty penny trying to get all my transcripts organized, then I had to wait for a paper letter to arrive in the mail before I knew if I was accepted or not. I had been checking on the online application system to see if they had made a decision. Do you know what agony is? Agony is waiting to receive a letter in the mail when you know a decision has been made. Agony is knowing that even if you call they won’t tell you.

But it was worth it.

I have been accepted! I can start classes in Fall 2016! There are 5 courses I need to be able to get into the Masters program. That’s not bad at all!

It feels pretty good to know that I’m that much closer. I mean, I know it’s just undergraduate level at this time and I did apply as undeclared status, but I still like it.

What does this mean?

Imma get SMRT!

Funny Smart

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