When the going gets rough

The rough try to pick themselves up!

Had a grumpy morning: lots of complaints, kids being little dicks, my tea tasted like soap, I didn’t bring a granola bar to eat. It’s only 8:32am and I’ve only been at work for 32 minutes. I’ve got a lot to do today such as finishing up content for a new site we’re launching in the spring, a meeting regarding that content, and my regular work duties. It’s not really a lot but today it feels like a lot.

My office-mate and brain twin found this hilarious generator for Canadian Literature. Here are some of my favourites:

canlit 2Canlit

This is Canadian Literature people. Or at least the beginnings of amazingness. A lot of them mention an absent father or a loving father which, in reality, is a true theme in Canadian literature. I didn’t read all those damn novels and get a degree in English for nothing!

This has considerably brightened my day. Also, my husband brought me a Starbucks. That has also helped.

Maybe I’m just in a funk because of everyone is running on nerves as we wait for this money to be deposited and try to go on with our lives. Half of it is here, but that’s the half we can’t touch.

It’ll come soon and I’m trying to be patient. Patience is not my forté so I’m working on it.


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Putting Grumpy Cat to Shame

I am grumpy today.

I’m not even 100% certain as to why I’m grumpy today, but I am.

I forgot my book at home which means I have nothing to read during my lunch break. Which makes me irritated because I have grown accustomed to giving my eyes a break from a screen and reading a book in print, in my hands. My options now are to read something on my phone. Maybe nap. Although I know that napping is not realistic. I get even more irritated if I nap.

We’re still waiting on the payout from my husbands previous job. It’s been 4 months. I am getting to the end of my rope, both emotionally and psychologically. I’m tired. I’m stressed. I can’t do the things I want to do. We all know that money runs the world.

All this stress is sapping my creative juices and I can’t even write a short about Edessa like I wanted to. I was going to write about her experience leaving her home and finding Brexton and Aldric. I can get that far in my thoughts, but I can’t get any farther. I can’t get the ideas going when I’m grumpy which in turn is making me even more grumpy.

I’ve got a plain scratch pad in my office I haven’t touched. Perhaps I will take that to lunch and see if I can get anything moving. I won’t know until I try!

How is everyone doing today? The weather has gotten nicer. It’s -15°C today. Only feels like -22°C with the windchill. The last few days it has been feeling like -35°C or so with the wind. A friend posted an article how in Toronto they received 10cm of snow and the kids are bitching that they didn’t get a snow day. The responses from the school board to the tweets is absolutely hilarious.

But yeah. It’s freakin’ cold here and the kids still go to school. Depending on the temperature they may be relegated to inside recess, but they still go. Buses still run. If it’s really cold the buses won’t run outside of town so that means a day home for those kids, or that their parents will be bringing them in for school. I can’t think of a day when school was cancelled in the almost 3 years I’ve lived here and it’s been even colder than what I stated above.

Any way, hopefully I’ll get happier before the day is done.


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