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Christmas Party #2

Today I have a Christmas Party/Lunch that will occur where I volunteer. I sit on the Board of Directors for a Women’s Resource Centre where I live. We assist women and their children who have been subjected to family violence primarily, but there is a lot that we do. I recently became the Co-Chair for the Advocacy and Events Committee which is why you guys have been seeing so much about domestic violence lately. I don’t think this site is the right spot for those kinds of things, so I may be moving those topics to another location.

In the meantime, today is our Christmas get-together. Volunteers who help out with the Centre will also be present. They were able to schedule it during the noon hour so I could make it on my lunch. Someone who works in the same building as I do is also a Board Member so she is going to give me a ride.

I had a counselling appointment last night and it went really well. Having a third party who doesn’t know me personally and is given just a brief of my situation agree that I am not, in fact, crazy, is really nice. I see her again next week, which is also awesome. I wasn’t expecting to be able to see her the very next week. The last time I went through counselling it was weeks between sessions, so this is great. My counsellor has this comfortable feel to her; like an aunt. So far, I like it.

She also has her M.Ed in Education and Guidance Counselling! That’s the program I really wanted to take! She took it from the school I wanted to as well and without a B.Ed. The last time I looked into it it was made to seem like it would be extremely difficult to do that. Maybe she’ll be able to give me some perspective on this later.

What we did identify last night is that I am under an incredible amount of stress. I didn’t realize how much was actually impacting me until we laid it all out:

  • In the last 2 years I have:
    • Moved from one province to another
    • Had a baby
    • I am on my 4th job
    • We bought a house
    • Said house has issues that have cost a lot of money
    • I did not end up going to school like planned
    • My husband left his job and started school
    • My eldest started school
    • I recently had to deal with some unpleasantness that just pushed everything over the edge
    • We’re waiting on money that may never come
  • Yesterday my eldest son was sent to the office at school for being rude and not listening. He also hit a worker at his daycare.
  • My youngest is getting his final four teeth.

So yeah, it’s been a rough go. That’s a lot to have happen in such a short period of time. I’m stressed. My husband is stressed. My kids are stressed.

I’m hoping these appointments will give me tools to help manage this stress. Help me build an action plan so that going forward I’ll be able to handle all of this better. I can do it. I’ve got this. And I’ve got the support to go get this.


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