Mindful Musings #212


It’s almost been ten long years

Since we met;

Since we loved.

When thoughts of you cross my mind

I have come to realize

That I could no longer recognize your voice.

Time has taken these pieces

And tossed them into the universe.

Now you are a tiny speck of sand,

Of dust,

A crumb on the trail

That I have left behind.

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Mindful Musings #101

Mindful Musings

It’s been seven years.

Seven years ago, today.

It’s been longer than that since I’ve heard your voice

The illness took you from us.

Never again will I hear you call me

My girl.’

Never again will I sit with you

While we drink tea in the morning light

Of your kitchen.

You gave me so much

And I fear I gave nothing in return.

It’s been seven years.

The hurt still gnaws at my heart.


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