Mindful Musings #229

When it’s warm enough

To snow

The ground becomes covered

In a blanket of


All imperfections are hidden

As the world becomes equal.

The blanket mutes the sounds

Of the city

Of nature

Of my own mind

As I blankly stand in the falling peace

And regain comfort over


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Mindful Musings #215


It’s that dangerous time of year

When the ice thaws

And the snow melts.

What dangers lurk beneath the not-so-pristine blanket

That has covered us for 6 long months?

Careful, careful

Look where you step.

Beware the warmer temperatures

That taunt you on the forecast.

Half of them might be lies

Or wishful thinking.

Here in the Great White North

Mother Nature teases us with sunshine

Framed in by blizzards.

Think twice before you leave your house.

Bring a scarf, toque and gloves

Just in case. 

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Mindful Musings #186

Mindful Musings

Fall comes in like a hurricane.

The leaves abruptly turn red, gold and orange

Before falling to the earth

Dressed in their finest browns.

The wind whips their carcasses

Into the faces of those who stroll

In the autumn sun.

In a whirlwind of cool air

And hot breath

I watch the fog of my existence

Swirl into nothingness.

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