The temperature on my cellular device currently informs me that it is 0°C and it feels like -4°C.

Do you have any idea how awesome that is?

This weekend I put my winter jacket away and got out my lovely purple trench coat. It’s going to get wet and gross out so I’ll keep my nice shoes and boots in the closet for a bit more. But I can see the sun. We had daylight savings this weekend which kind of threw off my internal clock, but the fact remains that it is light when I leave for work now and light when I get home. The sun isn’t lying as much any more. Sure, it’s shining out there, smiling happily on the frozen lands of Canada, but it’s also emitting heat at the same time! It’s getting better here folks.

Now I just wait for the day when it’s shining brightly but the temperature has plummeted. I bet it’s going to happen. I am NOT bringing back my winter coat. That’s like admitting defeat. I’ll only bring it back if the temperatures go below -20°C.

In other news, I think I’ve finally decided how I want to end TAK. I’ve got a nice ending all lined up in my brain. Now I just need to work on the middle, the guts if you will, and reach that ending. I’ve taken some notes so I don’t forget and now that some of my weekend has opened up I can work on writing again soon.

I’ve sort of overloaded myself lately and when the term ends I think I need to stop teaching for a bit. Not completely, but maybe only a weekend class instead of during the week AND on Saturday. That’s taking a lot of my time right now. But I need to save money for my husband to go to school.

AHHHH! THE DILEMMA! I think I’ll figure it out though. I always do!

Stay sparkling in that sunshine!

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The Sunshine is a Lie

Today at lunchtime I was talking with some of my international colleagues about the sun.

The weather right now in lovely Manitoba, Canada is very misleading unless you look at the numbers. From my office window I can see a brilliant sun shining down upon the ground. It dazzles my eyes as it sparkles on the frozen earth. The tree branches dance ever so softly in an almost non-existent wind. Snow is still dusted on their outstretched arms as they rise above towards that brilliant sun.

At first glance, it seems like a warm winters day.

But the seasoned Canadian knows that that is a lie. Even someone who has lived in this country for a year will know that this picturesque scene is fraudulent.

One quick glance at whatever weather app we have firmly affixed to the main page of our smartphones confirms this.

It is 1pm where I am. Should be closing in on the warmest time of the day.

My app tells me it is -21°C. Feels like -34°C.

Of course, I knew that already. I have braved this weather and ventured from my nice warm home so that I may get myself to work. I have bundled up my small children in defiance against this chill and hurried them to the waiting and warm vehicle so that I can whisk them away to their day home while I trudge off to work.

I will repeat this for every day of the winter and cringe as the temperatures dip lower and lower. I will rejoice when the weather app tells me it’s -10°C outside and it FEELS LIKE -10°C as well.

In order to stave off the madness that can creep in when one is locked indoors for days on end I entered a contest! I highly encourage all my writer friends and followers to check it out as well! It is the Indie-Visible Publishing Pack! Click the link to find out more:

You know you wanna. I know I wanna. I would love to score this for my upcoming work TAK. You know you would like me to score this for TAK as well. Because, well, let’s just face it: it’s going to be AH-MAY-ZING.


Does “Because I Said” count? 😛

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Tattoos! I've got 'em! Do you?

As some of you may or may not know I have six tattoos.

One on the inside of each wrist, one behind my left ear, one on each shoulder and one in the middle of my back at the base of my neck.

I love getting inked. And pierced. I have 10 piercings as well. Eight in my ears, one in my nose and one in my navel.

Here are pictures of my fabulous tattoos in chronological order of when I got them:

I got her when I was 18. She'll most likely get covered up next.

I got her when I was 18. She’ll most likely get covered up next.

I got this one on my left wrist

I got this one on my left wrist


I got this one on my right wrist




I love music


Badass dragon! This puppy took 3 hours to do, including the colouring.


It looks a bit dirty as I had just taken the bandages off.

Because I get so excited about getting inked I’m already thinking of the next tattoo I want which will probably cover up my fairy.

I really loved her at the time I got her done and she represents a past passion (I used to write about and collect fairy figures) which I don’t do any more.

The next tattoo I want will be for my children. I’m due to birth the Hatchling in November so I want to save for this next tattoo and research tattoo studios so I can have it done for Mother’s Day next year. It’s going to be cool.

It will be two koi fish representing my sons in that circling image, kind of like this:

Not these colours though

Not these colours though







The fish on the left is going to have those pink/red sakura blossoms probably on the outside of it as my first son was born in Spring. The right fish is going to have red Japanese Maple leaves on the outside of it as my next baby is going to be born in Fall. The fish themselves will be coloured to represent the gender of my children as per the flags that are put up in Japan on Children’s/Flag Day. Dad’s are black fish, Mum’s are the red and orange, Boys are blue and white and girls are pink and white. So the fish for my kids will follow that.

This tattoo is going to go over my fairy. Which is okay because it’s the next chapter in my life 🙂

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It was a Dark and Stormy Afternoon….

So yesterday we had a Tornado warning for the area surrounding where I live and work. It was coming up from the south-west and crossing over into the north-east.

My dayhome is right in the south-west and I live in the north, but the north-west. There was no damage done, as far as I know, and a few twisters touched down in the smaller towns surrounding the city I live in. I’m glad no one was hurt, but it was scary to look at.

There was rain, hail, thunder, lightning. These may be all things that people who live in twister territory are used to, but for me, this is the first time it’s ever been this bad.

There was a massive tornado here in ’89 which destroyed parts of the city and claimed lives. Whenever there’s a threat of a tornado, some people get very nervous, which is understandable.

But enough of real life!

It made a good setting for a scene in the story I’ll start working on again, TAK. Just the way the clouds were so close to the ground and swept across the land. This morning when I was crossing the river it was like driving into a wall of fog: I could barely see the car in front of me and the entire river vomited fog all along it. It was so neat to see and I like seeing that. It tends to happen the day after it rains. The rain makes everything cold and then the next day the sun heats it all up and makes that awesome fog.

Sometimes seeing the fog reminds me of the mist I would see when I lived in the forest and just watch how it would wind around the base of trees like something out of a fairy tale.

I’m partly reminded of Neil Gaiman’s book Neverwhere when I see the fog. Maybe because it takes place in London.

Either way, I digress.

Yesterday was dark and stormy and cool. I’m reminded about how powerful nature is and how powerless we humans are to stop it.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away….

It’s raining again in lovely Alberta.

One thing about this province is certain: it doesn’t like people having or enjoying summer. Summer is either way too short, interrupted by rain or hail (not kidding), or it’s blistering hot.

Right now it’s decided to rain. Summer in 2011 was nothing but rain. I believe when they looked at the statistics, there were only 6 days that June where it did not rain.

Again, on days like today I’d like to stay in bed with a hot tea and play video games. I left my Day Job yesterday because I was fighting a massive headache and my wonderful little Hatchling was making everything very uncomfortable to the point where I just needed to stretch out on my bed.

Too bad I’m running out of sick days or else I’d really like to have done that again today.

We’ll see. I might be able to suffer through. It’s Wednesday after all! Almost the weekend….

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Melancholy Monday

It’s raining in Alberta today and the weather is making me melancholy.

I’m reminded of unhappy things from my past when it rains. I also like the rain when I can lock myself in my room with a book to read, or to write. Then the rain is good.

It’s sometimes a good thing to get back in this depressed state of mind when it rains because it helps the writing. Things are full of such agony when I write when it rains. People die, lives are ruined, worlds destroyed.

Many people see rainy days as things to be feared. Some studies will tell you that the suicide rate spikes when it rains. As someone who has had suicidal thoughts before, I can understand WHY it would spike on days like today when everything is gray and looks hopeless. But it was never rainy days for me.

Yes, I can get a little depressing on days like today and I usually like to watch movies that make me cry on days like today, but I never went that far on rainy days. I love the rain. I love the sound it makes on the roof, I love watching the ripples in the puddles. In the summer time, when it’s hot and it rains, I like to walk in the rain.

For me, my depression and my suicidal thoughts stemmed from other reasons and not the weather. I always found solace in the rain and maybe that comes from living in a log cabin in the woods where everything was so quiet on rainy days. The birds were still there, but quieter and the shadows of animals skittering here and there trying to find shelter from the storm was interesting to watch.

I am happy to say it’s been 5 years since I had suicidal thoughts. Those who read this might be surprised that things like that ever crossed my mind before, but when (if) I eventually post about what my childhood and early adulthood was like, you’ll understand more.

UNFORTUNATELY I have to work today. It’s sad business, working a Day Job on a day that would give birth to so many interesting things when writing. In my next story, TAK, I’ve decided to call it for sure, there are lots of sad things that could happen.

SO MANY LIVES TO RUIN!!! *insert evil laugh here*

Oh man. You better hope I never rule the world…..:P

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Snow! Snow! Snow!

Yes, it is almost May. However it’s snowing in Alberta anyway.

The view outside my office.

The view outside my office.

I mean, I suppose it could be worse. When I first moved to Alberta in 2008 it snowed so much in the middle of May it reached my knees. I may be 5’2″ but that was still pretty high!

I don’t mind the snow. It’s not overly cold right now so that helps. The snow just makes me melancholy. Especially when there are big fat flakes like today. I want to be sitting somewhere with a big window with a dog at my feet and a steaming mug of tea in my hands while I watch outside and write. I used to do that when I was younger and lived in the log cabin. No tea, since I hadn’t really developed a taste for it until I hit about 13/14. But I would sit at my desk in my room, look out the big picture window while I wrote in my journal or notebook with my big dog at the time lazing at my feet. The sereneness wouldn’t last and maybe I’d only get to have 20 minutes of that peace before it was somehow interrupted, but it was one of my favourite past times. It makes me miss living in rural areas.

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Does Spring Exist?


Living out in Alberta, Canada has taught me to treasure the warmer seasons because they last like, a month out here.

We had nice weather and the snow was almost all melted yesterday……today we got dumped on, it’s still snowing, and some areas have been hit with freezing rain. We’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow and on Sunday. I’ve heard between 5-10 cm for today and tomorrow. It’s supposed to turn to rain on Sunday….which means freezing rain.

This snowfall means people are going to forget how to drive, there are going to be accidents all over the place, and my dog is going to get all dainty-like and act like she can’t handle being in the snow for more than five seconds.

I’ve got news for her. Her master isn’t home right now as he’s away for work for the next month and I DO NOT shovel her little area where she goes to the bathroom. Sorry pooch. Deal with it.

Good news: last night I came home from work to find my order from Amazon had come in. That meant 3 new volumes of manga (YESSSS!!!! One I’ve been waiting for since SEPTEMBER) and some books by Guy Gavriel Kay.

Does this mean it’s going to eat into my editing time? The manga took over last night, but the novels I’ve read before and just needed to replace as they had been……misplaced, if you will.

Today I will continue editing at my Day Job on my lunch break, then I will most likely edit tonight and this weekend. I already know my son won’t nap so my editing time will be delegated to when he’s sleeping for the night. I do have friends coming down this weekend anyway so there’s a chance I might not have a whole lot of time on Saturday night.

BUT! I’m still close to my goal for publishing in April! Yeah!!! After this editing breeze I just need to format and I can finalize editing while I do that 😀

GO ME! 😀 😀

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