My House; New Life

Still working on my office. The plan is on April 23rd to go to Ikea to pick up the sofa bed I wanted. I’m a bit conflicted because the colour I wanted is out of stock but we’ll see when we get there. We have a backup in mind in case this one doesn’t fit the bill. I won’t be the one sleeping on it, after all. Need to make sure it’s comfortable for my guests. Not that we get many guests, but when we do, it needs to be perfect.

I’ve got mental images on how I want the rest of the room to look and we’ve ordered bookshelves to finish it off. Considering hemming the blackout curtains that are currently in the room but I’m not sure if I want to yet. They’re so big and heavy!

Once the room is done, furniture wise, it’ll be time to finish it off with the right accents and accessories. I want to go for a zen/buddha/chill kind of theme and I’ve seen a few pieces I might like to put in there. It really all depends on which sofabed we get. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get side tables. I’ve been keeping my eyes on the classified in my area in case I see something I could repurpose.

I’m also hoping to get a few planters to grow some veggies in my back yard; cut down on the grocery bill and get the kids to help out. This will also be a good reason to get outside more often with the kids because I’ll  have something to do!

We recently bought a new patio set for the back yard that just needs to be put together.

AND! Because I am the coolest mum ever, I bought concert tickets to take my (soon-to-be) 6-year-old to see Weird Al! My kid loves his songs and even if we just stay for half an hour I think it will be worth it! I’ve already got the time off work and I’m trying to convince my husband to come out as well with our other son. The concert takes place in another city so I’ll have to drive out and most likely stay overnight. Even if my husband doesn’t come I think it will be good bonding for me and my older one. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together, just the two of us. Each kid needs special time with their parents. I also want to get a nice tent and go camping in the backyard when then weather gets nice. My husband wants to get a new fire pit too so it will be great!

All these plans, so little time. It really hinges on what job my husband is doing for work. Hopefully he gets one of the full-time jobs he applied for.

In other news, I’m continuing to write and edit TAK. I hate editing lol I’ve been adding a bit and detracting things that don’t matter. I realized I’m not very descriptive of the scenery when I write, but for what I’ve read so far I’m not sure if that’s an issue or not. I’ll see how I feel when I do the next edit.

Enjoy your Tuesday! I’m a bit sick so I’m trying not to breathe on people. Keeping my germs to myself.


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Mindful Musings #65

Mindful Musings

Day in

Day out.

Trapped at a desk.

Trapped in a room.

In a basement.

Filtered light and filtered air.

Two screens hum and shine

Along with overhead fluorescent lights.




A wave of nausea presents itself.

The body is reminding you.

Go outside.

Breathe the air.

Soak up the sun.

Be alive.

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Freshening Up

So, it’s officially Spring in my neck of the woods. Or at least, that’s what the calendar tells me. The snow has all but melted, though they’re calling for more today. Goooooo CANADA!

On a happy note, I’ve given this chandelier in my dining area a bit of a face-lift. It wasn’t broken or anything, it functions quite well.


When you move into a  home that is supposed to be yours, you want to give it your personal touch. My husband purchased paint for the office and kitchen/dining area this weekend. Tonight he’s going to purchase the paint for the living room. This will allow us to put our serious touch on this place.

While he was working this weekend I asked him to pick up some shades I had seen online that his store sells. This is the result:


Just a tiny face lift. Just a tiny piece that we’ve been able to change and it’s rejuvenated that chandelier. I am not a floral person by any means so the previous look was actually killing me inside. I could feel tiny bits of me dying on a regular basis.

You’ll be happy to know that the office area should be complete by April 24th. We’re going to head into the big city to pick up the sofa bed for the office. The plan is to paint it this long weekend while we don’t have loads of furniture to move around. I’m actually quite stoked, to be honest.

I’ll post some pictures of the lovely space when it’s all done!

Happy Monday! Keep yourselves awake!

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Mindful Musings #24

Mindful Musings

The lights are off

And no one is home.

I creep through the halls

Towards my own box.

I flip the switch and the room is illuminated

I creep down darker halls

Towards a coffee machine that has yet to be started.

I don’t even drink coffee,

But I’ll start it for those sleepy people

Who are soon to follow me

Through these halls of darkness.

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Living in My Office

So I am currently living in my office with my husband while our basement bedroom gets treated for mould.

You would think this would be great for my writing, but it’s not. The office/spare room was already a disaster with unpacked boxes of books and electronics shoved in the corner. Papers are piled on the desk and the printer. It’s utter maddness.

Now that we’re so cramped in that space I almost loathe laying eyes on office-related furniture. It’s rather depressing.

The remediation company should be coming by the end of next week to start and finish the removal and treatment. We’ll need to reinsulate and vapour barrier before we can move back in. This is also hoping the leak is caused by an improperly closed fireplace and not foundation issues. We’re not made of money!

If all goes well I can also buy this really nice filing cabinet I found online with Staples and some bookshelves to finish tidying up the place.

I start my new job Sept 2, I start teaching ESL again on the 6th and I also start my first course for HR on the 4th……

If I manage to live through that, keep
your eyes peeled for a new short the following weekend! It will be called “Project: Ghost” and will give an indepth backstory to one of the leads in TAK.

Thanks for being patient and sticking with me!

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