Productive! So Productive!

I was so crazy productive this last weekend. I had the Friday off and just went nuts painting rooms in my house. You may remember I talked about redoing my office and getting things all spruced up in there. I started Thursday night and ended up painting the entire office over Thursday and Friday! I then started on the kitchen and painted until late on Saturday. What a busy long weekend for me!

The office is almost done. There are only 3-4 pieces of furniture left to grab and then the space is going to be bloody perfect. PERFECT! I’ll post pictures of that once it’s done.


In the meantime, enjoy looking at the majesty of my kitchen!

The orange is called ‘Japanese Koi’ by Behr paints. I hemmed the curtains you can see in the second picture. It was nice to get the sewing machine out and make it look all pretty-like. Those curtains used to drag on the floor. Now they look much better!

As well, you’ll be happy to know I can do a lot more writing now! My husband made the ‘executive decision’ to buy me a little gift while he was out running errands on the weekend.


That, my beautiful friends, is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with a very lovely purple keyboard! I’m actually using it right now! The keyboard is taking a little to get used to, but I just had to take my watch off and it was easier to type on. After I inhale my sandwiches for lunch I can continue writing TAK!

All in all, it was a really good weekend. I am pleased and that’s the most important thing.

I hope you all had a great long weekend (for those of you with the opportunity)

Happy Monday!

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Freshening Up

So, it’s officially Spring in my neck of the woods. Or at least, that’s what the calendar tells me. The snow has all but melted, though they’re calling for more today. Goooooo CANADA!

On a happy note, I’ve given this chandelier in my dining area a bit of a face-lift. It wasn’t broken or anything, it functions quite well.


When you move into a  home that is supposed to be yours, you want to give it your personal touch. My husband purchased paint for the office and kitchen/dining area this weekend. Tonight he’s going to purchase the paint for the living room. This will allow us to put our serious touch on this place.

While he was working this weekend I asked him to pick up some shades I had seen online that his store sells. This is the result:


Just a tiny face lift. Just a tiny piece that we’ve been able to change and it’s rejuvenated that chandelier. I am not a floral person by any means so the previous look was actually killing me inside. I could feel tiny bits of me dying on a regular basis.

You’ll be happy to know that the office area should be complete by April 24th. We’re going to head into the big city to pick up the sofa bed for the office. The plan is to paint it this long weekend while we don’t have loads of furniture to move around. I’m actually quite stoked, to be honest.

I’ll post some pictures of the lovely space when it’s all done!

Happy Monday! Keep yourselves awake!

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New Year, New Day


Today is the first day back at my Day Job. It was a really busy holiday season for me. My in-laws came and stayed at our house and my sister-in-law was visiting from England. While she was here my husband went out with his family to see the new Star Wars movie which I think he really enjoyed. This year the eldest kid was really into Christmas. Last year it was an effort to get him to open presents: he just didn’t care. He didn’t want to unwrap the presents and he didn’t care for whatever he was given. This year you couldn’t stop him. He wanted to hand out presents to everyone, we put out milk and cookies for Santa. We kind of forgot Rudolph though, so maybe next year. Now that he is starting to read and is able to recognize names and stuff he was grabbing presents for everyone and trying to hand them out. It was supposed to be my husbands job but I think my eldest really wanted in on it. There were no family arguments, not that there ever are, but playing Uno with these people is dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend it. Unless maybe you all had been drinking a lot 😛

I’ve basically been playing video games all vacation. I got a new one for Christmas from a series I really enjoy. I have another one coming for me too. It wasn’t released until the 31st of December so I have to wait for it to get shipped to me. Which is fine. I have this other one to play.

I received some books, one of which I’ve now finished, a movie, the first season of a show I like, some small things, a really nice new knife set, a new pair of gloves for kickboxing and some new wraps along with some other things. I also received a new coat, but that is also on it’s way here.

I hope this new year goes a lot better than last year. I am feeling really stretched and at the end of my rope lately. I don’t do the resolution thing, because I can never stick to them. I always overshoot so this year, I’m just going to hope to maintain the status quo and hope it gets better from last year. There are a lot of different contributing factors to that. I haven’t been able to write as much as I want to. There are things I want to do to my stupid house to make it feel more like mine. Since we’ll be living here from now on, I suppose I better get on it. The problem is that everything costs money. We don’t have money right now. We’re still waiting on the payout from my husbands last job so I’m really hoping it gets the hell over here already. I miss having my vehicle. I miss being able to buy a can of damn paint because I want to paint my kitchen. Or getting new towels because ours aren’t that awesome any more. Or even just being able to pay bills without stressing where the money is coming from. I know that time is coming, I’m just getting really impatient waiting for it.

Hope your holidays weren’t too crazy! What have you all been up to during the season? Did anyone go anywhere interesting? Do anything you thought was super fun? Tell me about it! 🙂

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