The Signs of Aging

Oh man. Let’s just say I’ve been feeling my age lately. It’s not even like I’m that old; I’m turning 33 this year. That’s not old at all. But hot damn do I feel old.

I was knocked flat on my ass yesterday by a cold. A COLD. I used to laugh at those and hop myself up on Halls, DayQuil and whatever other manner of medication I could find. Maybe some Advil Cold and Sinus. Those little pills are usually the relief bringers for me.

But nooooo. Not yesterday. I had a sore throat on Tuesday so I left work early. I figured I’d work from home for a bit and then when my coworker returned from his lunch I’d have a nap and chill. Things seemed to be going fine, but then the city I live in started burning dead trees. Right near my house. The combination of the throat and the smoke knocked me out. My nasal cavities are stuffed and yesterday I didn’t get out of bed until 4:00pm.

So I took a sick day yesterday. I filled my bed with manga and my tablet and promptly passed out for a few hours.


Have I read all of these before? Of course I have. That’s the joy about owning something. You can keep reading it.

Folks at my Day Job were pretty okay with me taking the day. I always feel really bad and have this urge to apologize profusely. But they won’t hear of it.

In other good news, I heard back from Memorial University so I know where to send my transcripts! I can get that organized today. Hopefully I can take at least one class come the Fall term. That would be awesome!

I hope your Thursday is going well! What are some signs you’ve discovered of your ‘aging’?


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Good Morning Starshine

The Earth says hello!

Our administrative assistant/superwoman is out of the office today. She was out yesterday as well as the sickness has finally gripped her. I do feel a little bad about it because it seems like she’s got the version of the illness I had.

They’ve been calling my office-mate/brain-sharer and I the ‘Toxic Twins’ which is quite funny.

Since our Superwoman is out of the office I made coffee for everyone. I’m generally here first, and even though I don’t even drink coffee myself, I know my co-workers really enjoy being able to have a hot cup first thing in the morning. We have meetings this morning too that we need to get through. For some of them, being able to do that uncaffienated is frightening. But the pot is on the brew so there’s nothing to fear now.

I have my thermos of tea, as usual, so all is right in my world. It’s nice and warm and lovely.

It snowed last night which has made things interesting so early in the day. Even though I live in freaking Canada and we have snow like, 6 months out of the year, people will still forget how to drive and it will take ages to get anywhere. It’s pretty funny because I now live in a relatively small town so instead of 5 minutes to get somewhere it takes 10.

Not much work has been done on TAK while I’ve been sick. Since we got the notification that the money is on its way, I’ve been dreaming of redoing my office at home and getting things organized and set up the way I like. Since my husband wants a new computer that means I get his old one. My current laptop is less than wonderful. It’s died one too many times. I can’t even have it unplugged because the battery won’t hold a charge.

Hopefully this means that soon I will be able to give you all either another short, or an actual book!

Have a happy Wednesday! The Work Week is almost over! That is, if you work Monday-Friday.


My co workers

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I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Sorry I’ve been absent for about a week now.

Just this last week I was hit right in the face with a wicked cold. Plus I’m pregnant. Plus I am playing single mum to my 3 year old while my husband is out of town for a bit for work. Plus I work full time. Can we say a little rundown?

Due to this nightmare I’ve been living for the past bit I’ve come to accept that I will be publishing my book later than I wanted to. I’m going to aim for May 2013 now. I believe this is the best option because it gives me time to ensure that I’m putting something good out there and not some piece of crap. If I tried to keep up with my April 2013 deadline (self-imposed of course) I feel as though I’d start rushing things and quality would dwindle. If people don’t like my book I want it to be because they just don’t like it, not because the quality sucks. That’s the danger with self-publishing and self-editing. I have to make sure I put my back into it.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting more regular entries again. I’m still pretty ill but I want to aim for at least every other day if I can’t go back to every day again.

Hopefully not too many other people got their asses kicked by this cold. It’s definitely going around my neck of the woods and my son is a little under the weather as well.

BUT! We are troopers. We’ll get over it. I just made sure to eat looooooooots of popsicles 😉


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