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Demands of the Trade

Since I started freelancing I’ve been writing more and more….interesting things. I have done product reviews, I have done articles on tech support and skin tags. I have a job coming up where I need to write 8 individual articles about Home Renovations to fit the style of the 8 destination websites. And they’re due in 25 hours.

I know I can’t pick what I write about, which is kind of sad. I’m not established enough to do something like that and I don’t even know how I would go about doing that. I have applied to do an intern-ship writing for a site that I actually use and enjoy. They won’t review the application until the deadline is up, which is in December and it’s not a paid position. But that’s okay. The more experience the better.

I guess today I’m just feeling overwhelmed when it comes to writing. I have personal writing I want to do, freelance writing I need to do and writing for work that I need to start thinking about.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a bit of a break and the articles aren’t due for quite some time. It’s the occupational hazard of the craft. I’m sure many people would agree with me on this as it can be crazy.

I submitted a draft blog-style post to my co-workers for them to pick apart and suggest changes for. I know they would only be giving suggestions from an unbiased and constructive viewpoint but it still makes me nervous. I wonder how much they are expecting and I worry about not meeting those expectations.

It will get better and I will get more confident. I suppose it’s just been a long time since my writing skills were desired and potentially respected.

I will brave the storm and see where this takes me!

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There's a Reason My Eyes are Green

You’ve heard the phrase “My eyes are green with envy” before, right?

It seems I’ve got a bad case of the envy bug. I don’t like it, but when I get stuck in ruts it comes out more than I’d like it to.

I overheard a coworker talk about her recent house-hunting trip as she’s moving up north with her boyfriend. Apparently while she was up there she was essentially offered a job as the guidance counselor of the school there. This turns me green with envy as that has been my dream job (aside from being a writer, of course) for a long period of time. I am super happy for her and hope she goes for it if she wants it. I have nothing against her as a person, it’s the situation I’m jealous of.

For me to do that job in the current area I live in I need to have a Bachelor’s of Education and a Master’s of Education. I’ve already priced it out (because I’m crazy prepared, okay?) and that would cost me around $15,000 for the entire go ’round. This coworker of mine has experience working in the local women’s shelter and also possess a diploma in Applied Counselling. It still makes me jealous because it seems like far less education and, for lack of a better term, red tape for her to do the job I’d love to do.

So it gets me a bit green. And blue. There has been A LOT of crap going on at the homestead lately. My husband is gearing up for college in the Fall and we’re going to have to put out around $5,000 in the next few months due to an issue in our house that needs to get repaired sooner, rather than later.

Maybe it’s because I’m an education geek and would spend all day at school if I could. I’m not good with research and thesis’s but I love learning. Sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it?

I have finished teaching ESL for the foreseeable future which means I have extra time. I’ve been doing some freelancing on the side so I will be able to bring in some extra cash. I’m hoping that I can get started on this next project I’ve been hired for as soon as possible as it’s pretty decent pay.

Until then, I will have to make due with what I have, which isn’t really bad at all, and try to work on my next book. That might keep me happy for some time so we’ll see how that goes.

Thanks for putting up with my whining 🙂 You know you love it 😉

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Please? Could you please vote? I want to thank all of those who have! It means a lot to have people outside family and friends believe in my work.

If you want to vote, you can do so here:  &

I haven’t won anything in terms of writing contests since high school so it would be so cool and a huge boost of my self-esteem if I were to even get into the top 10! Right now I’m sitting at 52 and 62 I think.

Please, find it in your hearts to boost this poor little fledgling writer 😀

On the flip side, I’ve applied for a couple freelancing jobs. Mainly just data entry but it’s still extra money. One of the jobs seems to be ongoing which would be nice. It would bring in an extra 100-200 a month. But I have to win it first!

I also submitted my first article for the Parent Life Network blog. I’m waiting to hear about that. This one is a volunteer job but I thought it would help me build my portfolio 🙂

Hopefully something works out!

While I’m working on TAK I’m going to see the effort involved in getting Black & Red published in paperback form. I might be able to reach more readers that way.

This, of course, is when I think I have time. I teach tonight and I have kickboxing again tomorrow (I’m gonna die, I swear).

I’ll find time…..somewhere….I could always sleep when I’m dead, right?

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Author Day

I need a day where I don’t work my day job, my side day job, parent, be a functional member of society or do ANYTHING resembling my current life.

I shall declare this “Author Day” and it is a day for authors all over the world to forgo the rest of their ‘normal’ daily lives and devote 24 hours to their craft.

We can write, edit, sleep, muse, and think all to our hearts content and no one can sneer at us for doing it!

Someone please tell me this day exists already lol

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Losing a precious hour of editing!

It’s daylight savings this weekend 🙁 That makes me sad because that means I lose a precious hour of editing time!

I’m already losing time because I have to supervise those writing the GED  exam at my work tomorrow night and Saturday morning.

Curses Day Job and SIDE DAY JOB!!!

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