tornado warning

It was a Dark and Stormy Afternoon….

So yesterday we had a Tornado warning for the area surrounding where I live and work. It was coming up from the south-west and crossing over into the north-east.

My dayhome is right in the south-west and I live in the north, but the north-west. There was no damage done, as far as I know, and a few twisters touched down in the smaller towns surrounding the city I live in. I’m glad no one was hurt, but it was scary to look at.

There was rain, hail, thunder, lightning. These may be all things that people who live in twister territory are used to, but for me, this is the first time it’s ever been this bad.

There was a massive tornado here in ’89 which destroyed parts of the city and claimed lives. Whenever there’s a threat of a tornado, some people get very nervous, which is understandable.

But enough of real life!

It made a good setting for a scene in the story I’ll start working on again,¬†TAK. Just the way the clouds were so close to the ground and swept across the land. This morning when I was crossing the river it was like driving into a wall of fog: I could barely see the car in front of me and the entire river vomited fog all along it. It was so neat to see and I like seeing that. It tends to happen the day after it rains. The rain makes everything cold and then the next day the sun heats it all up and makes that awesome fog.

Sometimes seeing the fog reminds me of the mist I would see when I lived in the forest and just watch how it would wind around the base of trees like something out of a fairy tale.

I’m partly reminded of Neil Gaiman’s book¬†Neverwhere when I see the fog. Maybe because it takes place in London.

Either way, I digress.

Yesterday was dark and stormy and cool. I’m reminded about how powerful nature is and how powerless we humans are to stop it.

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