No, Thanks.

I was surprised by a message on Twitter. Not so much a message as a reply to something I posted. I honestly can’t even tell you what the comment was. I was so distracted by something else. Another thing on this message that demanded my attention.

The name of the person tweeting to me.

Now, I have just under 3000 followers (which makes me feel damn special) and I haven’t figured out that Lists thing yet. However, this person, their name, it was very obvious who they were.

So obvious that it sent me into a panic. The chest tightens. The heart begins to beat furiously. Momentary flashbacks of supressed memories devour the mind. All this in the span of seconds. Purely because of a name and the person it belongs to.

I was able to save myself, however. I caught myself quicker than I have before and calmly evoked the spell that would bring me peace: Block This User?

Oh hells yes. Yes please. No, I do not want this person following me. No, I do not want them to be able to contact me. No thanks. But thanks for the spell, for the button.

One method of contact cut. Sliced. Revoked and removed.

No, thanks.

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Today is My Last Day

This will be the last time I ever post from this particular Day Job.

That means in the coming few weeks my posts will be few and far between, if they happen at all. I anticipate I’ll be more active in August once we move and settle in.

In the meantime I’ll catch up on the books I said I’d read, I’ll maybe put something up on the Twitter now and again so people don’t delete me because they think I’m inactive.

So for now, this is it my friends. Watch for me soon. I’ll be back, I promise!

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100th Tweet Day!

So I made my 100th tweet today.

I was always against the twitter because it seemed like a right bunch of nonsense. Since I started using it to connect and network with other writers and book lovers around the world, I’ve found it interesting, but not something I would want to do for my personal life. My personal life is just not that interesting to warrant 140 character-at-a-time updates. I would turn into one of those people that say: “Yay! My son at a muffin!” or something completely boring and unimportant.

However, being able to tweet the posts to my website, tweet information regarding my facebook page and to follow writers that I have admired since I was a young whipper-snapper is very amazing.

This post will be my 101st tweet 😛 And that’s all I’m going to say about the twitter 😀

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