The DownFall

The revolution came and went

It rang out like a gong.

The kings of Brynan razed the land

And took our queens and kings along.

Through the dark and dusty years

Our pride fell farther down.

‘Til rebels came and burned it bright

And brought it back around.

The North, South, East and West

Cried out and loud while severed.

Yet the East is dark and empty 

A legend for forever.

The kings of Brynan razed the land

And took our queens and kings along.

Abandoned as we ever were

We sing this sad, sad song.

-The Downfall – A song of Brynan’s reign

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The March

The land

The land

It all belongs to us

We take

We take

You cannot stop it



Through the lands we take from you



None shall rescue you

The children cry

Their sorrowful tears

The mothers cry

Their pitiful tears

The fathers cry

Their  silent tears

The land

The land

Shall never be the same

The March of Byrnan Soldiers

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And I don’t mean the kind you wear.

I’m having so much fun writing the shorts that use characters from my next novel TAK that I haven’t touched the main story at all!

I’m actually quite okay with this though. Writing these shorts is helping me flesh out my main characters more. It’s allowing me to get their ages for certain events down better (ugh. Maaaaaath). It’s also allowing me to get a better feel for why some characters are the way they are.

All the shorts I’ve released so far are in their raw form. I’ve just done some basic spelling and grammar reviews on them so if I do decide to publish them into their own book (who am I kidding? Of course I will!) The final products may change a bit.

My first 3 shorts involved The Charlatan and Kokoro who are the medical support to my protagonists in the main story line of TAK. The latest one gives more background to the dysfunctional family life for one of my female leads.

I’ve already got another one cooking in my head that will involve 2 main male characters. It’ll be called “Project: Ghost”. Keep an eye out!

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The Charlatan and The Flower

Ahhhhh……so I finished writing the short story that was overtaking my brain.

I’m going to post more of these, most likely. This will give some readers insight into the world of TAK which will be the stage for my next novel. I like writing these short stories because it allows me to flesh out minor characters and give them more depth. It also allows me to fill in blanks or fill holes in the pasts of major characters that might be alluded to in the main novel.

So here is the first short The Charlatan and The Flower. When I actually put the collection together this will not necessarily be the first story. It’s just the first one I’ve published so far. It’s undergone a rough edit but when it comes time to actually publish it I will be more thorough.

If I were to rate this story, I would say it was M for ‘Mature’ as it involves language and sexual themes. I don’t think any one under 18 reads my blog anyway 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

The Charlatan and the Flower


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