Mindful Musings #229

When it’s warm enough

To snow

The ground becomes covered

In a blanket of


All imperfections are hidden

As the world becomes equal.

The blanket mutes the sounds

Of the city

Of nature

Of my own mind

As I blankly stand in the falling peace

And regain comfort over


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Mindful Musings #226


The jealousy I feel

When I see you in various stages of


Burns within my chest.

Your accessories long tossed away

As you change from gold, to red, to muddy brown.

Discarding your leaves you lay yourself bare.

Exposed to the gentle breeze

That is laced with ice

As if to foretell

What is to come.


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Mindful Musings #215


It’s that dangerous time of year

When the ice thaws

And the snow melts.

What dangers lurk beneath the not-so-pristine blanket

That has covered us for 6 long months?

Careful, careful

Look where you step.

Beware the warmer temperatures

That taunt you on the forecast.

Half of them might be lies

Or wishful thinking.

Here in the Great White North

Mother Nature teases us with sunshine

Framed in by blizzards.

Think twice before you leave your house.

Bring a scarf, toque and gloves

Just in case. 

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Mindful Musings #211


Can you breathe?

The icy air constricts your lungs.

Every breath is raw.

Can you breathe?

Nostrils freeze closed only to be forced open by oxygen.

Cheeks flush red as the wind whips harshly across them.

Can you breathe?

This frozen winter air begets a winter wonderland

As the season stretches on and on.

Can you breathe?

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It NOW Looks Like Winter

It actually looks like winter outside! We’ve seen a dump of snow recently and the temperature has plummeted. Even though I’m walking home from work right now I’m okay with the temperature dropping. It’s really not that cold and I have snowpants. Sure, my co-workers make a bit of fun of me walking around in my noisy pants, but at least I’m warm!


My backyard


My front yard

This is what the holidays are supposed to look like!

I spent a lot of time this weekend finishing up the home made Christmas gifts for my friends. I am happy to report that I’m all done! And then some!


Here's everything! Home made lava lamps, sugar body scrubs and bath salts!

I ended up making so much I have leftovers!


Extra peppermint bath salts

I’m particularly impressed with my home made lava lamps. Here’s one in action:


My eldest has been pretty sick and only now is he starting to come around. He’s all stuffed up now and whiney. We’re giving him Benedryl to help with the nose and it causes him to nap, which he currently desperately needs.

Speaking of which, it’s time for the youngest to go for his. At least he still likes naps.

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